Are these Plymouth Rocks roos?


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Aug 26, 2008
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They are 10 weeks and 13 weeks old, I think. I got them as chicks from TSC. At first I was thinking they were all roosters, but then I realized that my sex link pullets the same age all have reddening faces, reddening combs, and red wattles now. So...I'm confused. The rocks don't have combs that are growing larger and large like the Marans roos of the same age.

Sorry for the cell phone pictures. My real camera's battery is dead. Also, some of the pictures might be of the same bird. I was chasing them around and they have never seen my red cell phone before. It scared them! lol




The Maran right behind the Rock is a roo and is the same age.



I have 3 Columbian Rocks and 2 White Rocks and they all look pretty much the same as far as combs and wattles. They all also look similar for their tail and saddle feathers too.
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I forgot to add this picture. I have no idea which bird is which or what. Maybe when they go to bed I can get them one by one and line them up. But they really all look alike.

Some Delawares there, looks like. I am raising them now. Mine are the heritage Dels from a breeder, but many hatchery Dels have Columbian Rock blood, so that muddies the waters quite a bit. The second pic looks like a Columbian Rock (hackles are black like a Brahma, not barred or "stippled")
Delawares? Oh! TSC said they were columbian plymouth rocks and white plymouth rocks. However, TSC is known for their great chicken knowledge, heh.

So do you think they are all roosters? I'm not sure how fast any of these breeds mature, these are the first of them I've had.
I would have to say all 3 are hens. The roos I have showed combs at 2 weeks at three they seems bigger than yours at 10 weeks. I am not seeing a saddle feathers either and legs look thin like a pullets.
I dont see any boys in there, I forgot to say. I'm not 100% sure they are even Delawares. They could be Columbian Rock/Delaware combination because that is what interesting idea they came up with when trying to offset inbreeding of the Delawares that were still in existence. That is why I am trying to raise up my Dels from stock that hasn't been diluted by the hatcheries' "experiments". Dels have the barring in the hackles whereas the CRs have the solid black like the Brahmas coloring. The tails of Del males are barred and the females can have some barring, but mostly what is called "tail black". Whichever they are, they all look like girls to me. The one flaring its hackles definitely looks Columbian Rock.
I'm so excited that they might be girls! I've been trying not to get attached to them, figuring they were cockerels and someone would probably buy them for meat.
Sorry it took so long, but I finally got that pic.


This one is about the same age, and is for sure a boy!! He was being lazy laying on the cool rocks in the building

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