Are these really pink?


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May 1, 2009
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Ok, I had a suspicion that I was getting a pink egg but I wasn't sure because it looks like just a shade of brown. I found 3 eggs in thet nest box today and two looked pink & one was brown. Take a peek. Am I really that lucky? (eta: I know about the light green. Can you spot the two double yolkers in there too? )
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I might be mistaken, but I think the fact is there are only 2 color eggs: white and blue. Brown and white eggshells are both white on the inside. Pink, green and blue eggshells are all blue on the inside.

If your pinks are blue inside, that would be a true pink egg. If they are white, that's a pink-looking brown egg.

Please correct me if this is wrong. I heard it from an old farmer last week.
Just curious, what kind of chickens do you have? I got a few eggs this week that looked to be pink in color. Looking at them closely they looked to be white with tiny light brown dots covering them which gives it the look of the pink color. When I washed them they looked brown but when dried take on the pink color again. I have no idea which one of my chickens is laying those ones. Mine just started laying so it's been a guessing game for me.

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