Are these two 5wk ols Japanese Bantams??? What sex are they?


10 Years
May 4, 2012
Keller, VA
I have two what I think may be Japanese Bantams. One is buff with black and the other is more black with silver down its neck. I have neber seen those bars in its wings until I saw them in this picture. What color is that???
I am also pretty sure the black/gray is a roo. I don't know what the comb difference as they are growing. So, is the buff another roo or is it a pullet? Its comb is smaller but it is still quite large I think. The darker chick is a bit larger. They both stand and look like the buff just a different color, comb size and body size.
Please help!!. I am thinking of keeping them.

The pics are blurred but maybe you can still see well enough. It is too cold to take them outside to take better pics than I can get in the garage due to lighting.

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I gave the buff one away today and want to find a hen or two later to go with the blue one. Blue??? or is it going to be black? It seems to have a lot of silver showing up.

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