Are they all laying? Or just the two?

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    I have four hens that are 29 weeks old. My Ameraucana and Welsummer are laying for sure. I've seen them in the nest, and they squat for me. But most of the time they lay when I'm at work and I don't get to see it. My Welsummer doesn't lay dark eggs, they're just ordinary brown eggs.

    I also have a Brahma and a barred Rock. They have never squatted for me and I've never seen them in the nest for more than a minute or two.

    I have assumed that by now they are all laying and I just haven't seen the other two. I get about six blue and six brown eggs a week. But I never get more than two eggs a day and have never gotten two brown eggs in the same day. So is it more likely that the Rock and Brahma are not laying yet? Or more likely that my Ameraucana is a better layer than the others, since I get as many eggs from her as I do from all the brown egg layers combined?

    They eat the same food (organic layer crumble) and free range about six hours a day in my small suburban yard. I've checked everywhere they could possibly lay and found no eggs other than in the nest box. I can be patient if it's probable they aren't all laying. On the other hand, if this is as good as it's going to get, it makes for pretty expensive eggs and I may need to think about replacing my brown egg layers with some that produce better.

    I'd sure appreciate thoughts from those of you with more experience at this. Thanks in advance.

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