Are they boys or girls?

Mrs Henny Penny

6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
I used a friends incubator & hatched 10 chicks, sadly 4 of these have died. But i have 6 healthy chickens, they are 5 weeks old now. I dont even know what breed they are! Could be 1 of 5 breeds i am told. But the big thing is, are they roosters or hens!!! Hoe do i tell? Knowing my luck they will be all roosters! Any tips on tell what sex they are? Or is it too soon. Look forward to hearing any help anyone can offer.
Welcome to BYC
They are a bit young, but it may be possible for the experts to tell you what sex they all are and possibly the breeds as well. Post some nice clear pics of them here:

Fingers crossed for hens!
Welcome to BYC. Crowing, early enlarged combs and wattles, and the appearance of pointed sickle and hackle feathers will point out the cockerels.

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