Are they just molting????

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    Mar 6, 2011
    I think a couple of my chickens are molting but I am not sure. If I remember correctly, they are around 8 and 9 months old. What do you think of these two situations?

    My Black Austrolorp: I read that they start molting at the neck and work their way down the back. She is bald right above her tail on her back and I can see little new feathers poking out of her skin. I did not notice any feather loss, either in her appearance or on the ground, before this. I just noticed that her tail was bald. She is still laying eggs and seems healthy and happy, aside from the bald spot.

    My Ameraucana: She was a steady daily layer and she has not layed an egg for three weeks now. Her feathers are all over the place on the ground but visually I can't see where she is molting from. She was a steady daily layer and she has not layed an egg for three weeks now. Aside from not laying eggs she she seems healthy and happy although a few weeks ago she had a limp for about three days but then it went away. She layed right through it and seems fine now.

    Do you think they are just molting?

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  2. 10thmuse

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    Sep 19, 2011

    My golden Wyna just started the same thing...feathers everywhere!

    She is a bit subdued but other than that she seem normal, well, normal for a girl quickly becoming nekked!!

    Moult is odd looking but normal.

    I put DE int he food, nesting boxes and dust bath wallows just to be sure.

    It seems to be just her at this point, so I believe we are seeing moult.

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    They are probably molting. A few or mine are molting right now, too.

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