Are they safe to eat?


Nov 7, 2017
South Western, AZ
One of my chickens laid an egg out in the run and I'm guessing it sat out in the Sun for a few hours, is it safe to eat? It's pretty warm here around at least 80 probably 90s in the Sun. I also had an egg crack in the nest and an egg sat in the cracked egg for about 3 hours, is it safe to eat?
Thanks! And sorry I didn't mean the cracked egg, I meant the second egg the was sitting in the cracked egg

Totally fine to eat. The bloom on the egg helps keep bacteria from entering the egg, and the outer layers of ablumen (egg white) are highly alkaline, and thus anti-microbial as well.

It's not like you're going to eat the outer shell, right? :) If you were concerned I wouldn't use the egg raw in anything (we do eat raw egg from our girls, primarily in the form of homemade mayo; so it's obvious our girls do not have SE). But cooking it well will kill any unwanted microbes in it anyway.

Some err on the side of caution, which is certainly safe. I err on the side of liking to eat every egg I can! :D
There's a little dirt on a fresh egg, and there's really dirty. I throw those away too.
The one in the run had a bit of sand and leaf debris on it, nothing like feces though(I keep my run really clean so the neighbor won't complain) I threw out the one that cracked of course, though I wondered if being in the other egg's white would get rid of the bloom or such, just for future reference because I have a feeling it will happen again will my huge Orpington.

Although in the end I just cooked them up for the chooks in exchange for more eggs. Thanks for your help! Oh, and can you eat an egg with a less than calcified shell(just a little rough, can post a picture when I get home) Might have to arrange a trade for more eggs.

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