Are they still alive?

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    Apr 5, 2012
    I am new to incubating eggs and to BYC. I started with 16 Ancona ducks and about a week later added 12 assorted chicks. Out of all the eggs 13 ducks were fertile and only 2 chicks were. I had 5 ducks hatch yesterday (right on time) and none of the other duck eggs seem to be doing anything. No pipping, shaking, noises, etc. The five ducklings really went nuts moving, bumping and climbing all over the eggs so I moved them to the brooder as soon as they were dry. Did they comprise all the others? I candled when I took the turner out on day 25 (I hand turned the chicks so I had to keep opening the incubator for a couple days) and they all seemed good and healthy. I have noticed three of the eggs are forming a really dark area on the shell. (Anconas are white eggs.) Is this a sign of a dead chick? I really don't want to keep opening the incubator as I already had it open it a number of times since the first pipping started to remove ducks and to assist with the last hatch. I would love any advice! My hopes for all of them are starting to dwindle. BTW- The chicks are due to hatch on the 6th. Thanks!

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