Are they too young to not have a heat lamp?


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Sep 21, 2011
Fallon, NV
My Coop
My Coop
My chicks are 3 and a half weeks old and when I came home today after work I saw that their bulb was out. Now it gets pretty warm here during the day but its the night time Im worried about. Will they be ok tonight with out their bulb? They do sleep in our room at night so its not like its freezing.
How warm is the house? Mine are out side all day, no heat and mama running around . It was cool out today raining to and yet she had her babies out in it. I'm pretty sure your babies will be fine. My babies are 3 weeks old to so if they can be out all day in windy cool temps, I'm pretty sure yours will do fine in a 65 degree house. ( mine is 65 but my chicks are in he coop )
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they will probably be ok. maybe put a towl over the top of the run they are in to keep the drafts out and the warmth in.
I ut mine in the grow up coop outside at 4 1/2 weeks. there was 6 to keep themselves warm though.

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