Are trumpet vines okay for hens to eat?

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    All around my yard there are trumpet vines growing. Where my coop is built, there are vines that the chickens have devoured. I only have two 10 week old girls, and I'd like to know if the vines are okay for them to eat. I'm still relatively new to the chicken world so I'd like to get to know some personal experiences. I've done some research and read that they're toxic, but my girls won't leave them alone. They haven't had a negative reaction to them and it's only the leaves they eat, so should I be more strict and remove the vines or will they be okay? Any good suggestions for vegetation they can eat and is easy to grow?

    Thank you!
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    What is toxic to humans is not necessarily toxic to chickens. It also matters how much is eaten.

    From my experience, free ranging chickens who have choices about what to eat will not eat the plants that dangerous to them. I have many plants in my yard where the chickens forage. Some of these are poisonous. They don't eat them.

    They also won't eat plants they don't like.

    When they find something they like, it's is a diner's delight.

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