Are we cochinxsilkie cross?


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I purchased some eggs some a wonderful BYC owner (and I would recommend for eggs) - but since they have feathered out I am a little confused.... the feathers around the face for throwing me off completely - they almost stick straight out

Are we cochinxsilkie cross - I WAS hoping for a lemon blue

I was told He (the rooster) is actually 'lemon blue with the barring gene' and throws all kinds of chicks --- barred, blue/splash barred, brown red, brown red barred, lemon blue, lemon blue barred, blue, black, and splash. And since all the girls (cochin or cochinxsilkie) are frizzled, half the chicks will be frizzled (I am no means doubting this just trying to figure out these little chicks)

they are 9 weeks old, have black feathered legs with black toes and 1x of the frizzle has 5 toes on each foot (so I know that comes from silkies)

little roo - yes he starting crowing at 5weeks old


2x frizzle - any guess on gender




thanks for any help


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Most look like cochin frizzle cross to me.I have been raising Cochin/Frizzle for 5 year's.I Have one hen this year that was supposed to be Silkie/Frizzle but she is Smooth Silkie.I just started the Silkie/Frizzle with her this year so..I have hatched some frizzle chicks last couple month's and I keep that hen in with my cochin's and frizzle roo's and hen's.I just love my chick's.I have had Frizzle/ Polish/Frizzle/ NN before WEEE.I just love the fluff and they are always' great bird's.They are great looking bird's I think.Hope you enjoy them.


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So, I don't see any hint of a crest on any of them which I would kind of expect with a silkie cross. I am seeing pea/rose combs, feathered feet, beards, and muffs.

Based on the characteristics shown in the picture and described in the post, here is some breed information...

D'Anvers have rose combs, beards, and muffs
D'Uccles have single combs, feathered feet, beards, and muffs
Cochins have single combs and feathered feet
Ameraucana have pea combs, beards, and muffs
Silkies can be bearded or non bearded, have walnut combs, and feathered feet

You also mentioned 5 toes and black legs... well, most black birds are going to have black or dark legs. The black of the silkie would more likely come into play when you are seeing black skin on the face or rest of the body of the bird. I don't see that in these pictures.

Chickens with 5 toes include Faverolles (also have beards/muffs/feathered legs), Sultans (again with beards/muffs/feathered legs), Dorkings, and Houdans

Any breed can be frizzled but it is most common in Cochins.

Given their shapes and all of the above... I would guess they are Cochin/D'Anver or Cochin/Ameraucana crosses with a little bit of silkie in there to give the extra toes.
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Hi Jennifer! Whoever mentioned Ameraucana (Cochin/Ameraucana crosses with a little bit of silkie in there to give the extra toes) hit the nail on the head --- I'm so sorry. There was a juvenile black Ameraucana boy that jumped in the Frizzle Cochin a couple of times (that I saw), I never saw him mate any of the girls and I didn't think he was old enough TO BE mating.
I'm in the process of re-arranging the lemon blue Cochin boy with JUST the Frizzle Cochin girls if you want me to send replacement eggs --- I'll be happy to. That's not at all what they were *supposed* to be.
I didn't know they were 'mutted-up' til some like that popped out here (I hoped I was the only one who'd gotten any).
They made beautiful chicks, though! No clue on gender (I'm a terrible guesser), but the girls will be green-eggers.

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