Are we definitely boys? Bantam straight run :(


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I have 2 Silver Sebrights, 10 weeks old, with obvious combs with the funny little spike. I've been told the pullets get those too... so I haven't a clue as to how to tell if they're boys or girls.

I have another Silver Sebright only 5 maybe 6 weeks old, and Golden Sebright the same age.

Does anybody have photos of the head/comb/spike of mature Sebrights, male and female, to which I can compare my chicks?????

I'd really appreciate it. I try to get photos of mine, but the ones outside are SO FAST. And the ones in the brooder are obviously too young to tell anything.


ETA: photos - I managed to chase them into a corner to take pictures.


And this...

So, they're roos, right????
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my golden seabright is 8 weeks old and he has a full on red comb but it is raining so this is the most recent pic of him.

6 weeks old

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*whine* Everything I've read says the pullets also get the "spike" on the comb, so I've been hoping and hoping they could still be pullets.

Thanks everybody - I have to think on what to do now. No rule says I have to get rid of them.... I have another in the brooder, no OBVIOUS comb yet, and a Golden Sebright, too... also no OBVIOUS comb yet. How much you wanna bet all four Sebrights are boys.
Well I am not positive that they are all boys but the girls do have that comb too. If you look at bturbo87 that is my chicken too. Bturbo87 is my husband and he kicked me off his account so I made my own. All of my seabrights are younger than yours but the person that we bought them from had a SL hen. I am not an expert or anything but I would just keep an eye on the comb. At ten weeks old it is possible for a pullet to have grown her comb I do believe.

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