Are we going to have baby Finches?

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    Alright, my son got some Finches during the summer. He got them a nice big cage and we have enjoyed them quite a bit. A couple weeks ago, the female laid some eggs (one a day until she had seven). The pair have been taking turns sitting on them, but the last couple of days, they have broken / disposed of four of the seven. The three remaining eggs are a different color. Is this normal? Will they destroy the remaining three?

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    Hello! With finches, they need to have a very quiet atmosphere in order to set on their eggs and hatch the babies. So if you can put them in an out-of-the-way location, where they can have more privacy, they will set.

    That's just from my personal experience. If there's too much commotion near the nest, then you get the egg breakage and such.
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    At least one of them has been in the nest since she started laying. Often both are in there.
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    Discolored eggs are not going to hatch. They're rotten. I'd throw them away before one gets broken and stinks up the place.
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    Unfortunately, sitting doesn't always mean you'll have babies. I have two pairs of owl finches that I think have been sitting on eggs for over a year. They constantly lay, sit, shove out of the nest, lay and sit some more.

    It depends on the birds. My gouldians have had quite a few clutches, most bad but a few did produce about a dozen chicks. They only successfully raised two of them.

    Now my green singers laid three eggs and raised two youngsters.

    What type of finch? Some are easier to raise than others.

    Good luck,

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    What species of finch are they? Have you fed them store bought oyster shell specifically for caged birds? That would significantly help with the females calcium loss and strengthen the eggs shells for future egg laying...depending on the species, many have a tendancy to be prolific rabbits....lay eggs and then you have so many babies and after so many batches, you don't know what to do with them all![​IMG] Their babies mature quick and then THEY start breeding and laying as well.

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