Are we still what we thought we were?

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  1. Hey all,
    Got these little mamas in a "Brown Egg Layer" assortment when I ordered from MPC in October. When I posted there pics, most people thought the little black one was a Black Australorp. However, I've noticed that some of the feathers she has coming in now are white. Is she a Black Australorp? I was thinking that if she wasn't, that maybe she was a Barred Rock, but my other one that appears to be a Barred Rock, already has alot of barring coming in. She also seems to be smaller than my BR. Also, I have a little yellow one, that many thought was going to be a Buff Orpington. Does that still look to be the case? Both were hatched on October 25, so they are about 2 1/2 weeks old. Any input is appreciated!


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    i am problably wrong but somthing about the shape of the chicks head says cornish but dont go by me.i just chekced my pet chicken brown egg layer speacial and found they have dark cornish on the list so i change my guest to cornish
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    Well, the first one's not a BA, but I don't know what she might be. The second one still looks like a Bo to me. I'm not a chick expert though so I'll be interested so see what others that do more pure hatching then I do think. I hatch out of my flock these days so it's hard to remember what the purebreds look like. In my case it's more of a who's your daddy/mommy.
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    I think I see some goldish looking coloring on the first chick. Could it be a black sex link? [​IMG].
    Second picture could it be a red sex link? [​IMG]
    I'd like to see some pictures of them in about 2 weeks. [​IMG]
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    Dec 15, 2009
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    The first chick is almost certainly a black australorp; she looks just like mine did. She grew some white feathers in her wings when she was young, but as she got older she outgrew them and is now pure black.

    I don't know about the second one; it's feet look too yellow to be an Orpington to me, but not sure.

    Keep us updated! Either way they are adorable chicks.
  7. Thanks for the responses so far. The white feathers on the black one are throwing me. But I'm glad that someone that has had a BA as a baby has seen those white feathers go away. I would love to have another Black Australorp. Lost my only one about 8 months ago to Marek's [​IMG] She was so pretty and sweet, I just loved her. I hope the chick turns out to be a BA. If not, that's ok too. As for the yellow one. I was wondering about Cornish, but wasn't sure. These two are definitely smaller than my other standards, which are Speckled Sussex, a Barred Rock, a White Rock (we think) and a RIR, but not as small as the Silkies in the group. I would say in between the two sizes. All have the same hatch date. In regards to the yellow one being a Cornish; I know that Cornish crosses grow at mutant speeds, and this one is kind of little. Do regular Cornish grow alot slower? Also, I've been researching Dark Cornish chicks, and it looks like they all have brown on them to some degree. Could it turn out to be a Dark Cornish, being this yellow? I'm really interested to see what they turn out to be. It's like getting them all over again! [​IMG] I will definitely post more pics in a few weeks.
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