Are we the same breed?

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    So when I posted my group of photos the first time no one was 100% sure what this chick was. Well when I was looking at the chicks today I thought I had 2 of the mystery chicks and then I realized that one was light yellow and black and slightly larger, the other was bright white and a little smaller. So my question is does anyone know what these two are and are they even the same breed since they are different sizes and colors?

    yellow/black chick

    white/black chick

  2. Look up Cochin chicks, they look like they may be Black Cochin they have feathers on their feet. My dad has 2 2 week old Partridge Cochins and their feet feathers are thickening as they grow. [​IMG]
  3. I would say yes, the same breed. But I doubt they're cochins. My cochin had small, beady eyes at that age. The feathered legs make it easier to narrow down though.
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    Mottled d'Uccle?
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    yes they are the same .
    brahma? very nice though [​IMG]
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