Are we Wheaten Ameraucana Boys?

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    Our Dad will try to get pics up if he can figure up how.

    Anyway, we are 3 and 1/2 weeks old right now. We were born at John Blehm's Ameraucana hatchery in Michigan, and shipped down to our adoptive family shortly thereafter.

    We are 3 out of 25 baby chicks. The complete group of 25 chicks are a mixture of buff ameraucana large foul, wheaten ameraucana large foul, and silver ameraucanas.

    When we arrived at our new home, we were two or three days old and had mellow yellow down. There was no other color, just the mellow yellow down.

    The buff chicks were also 100% yellow. The "silver" ameraucanas were dark and had a chipmonk pattern to their down.

    Now, three weeks later, most of the other birds that began as yellow chicks are still yellow, though some of them are developing some darker yellow or even a light tan-yellow coloring in their feather patterns.

    But the three of us -- we are different.

    We still have our yellow fuzz heads, but our bodies are rapidly coloring out. Two of us have alot of black feathering (and some feathering of other shades/colors), and one of us has blue-gray feathering (along with some other coloring).

    We are also heavier than some of the other birds -- we're already 9 ounces, where most of the blond birds that do not have our dark feathering are around 5 to 6 ounces.

    Our parents cannot tell the difference between the buff ameraucanas and the female wheatens at this time -- they are all yellow or yellow-brown, but they are inexperienced, so they don't know the difference between the two groups.

    But they are thinking that the three of us must be male wheatens.

    Are they right? Are our dark feathers -- when we began as mellow yellow colored down chicks -- the first sign that we are growing up into male wheatens?

    Our parents are thinking that the two of us with more black in our feathering might be male wheatens, while the one that has more blue-gray in their feathers might be a "blue wheaten" cockerel.

    Are they correct?

    Are we little boys?
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    Sounds like it to me. Would love to see pics though. [​IMG]

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