Are weed herbicides ok for chickens?

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    Jul 30, 2016
    This is what I have found:
    1. Lab testing shows that controlled amounts of Roundup is not toxic and does not have an impact on the reproduction of birds if safety precautions are followed, according to Cornell University Extension. It is important to remember that these test use controlled amounts and that chickens should be kept out of the spray area for up to 24 hours. They should not be allowed to ingest food or weeds that have contacted the herbicide.
    2. A product referred to as "Bonide Burnout", is labled as safe for pets and people. You can find it at Cosco, Amazon or Home Depot. I probably need to do more research regarding this product.
    3. Your could also do a home mixture of Vinegar and water. One part Vinegar to 1 part Water. Adding a little salad oil might help it stick to the leaves. (not sure about the oil)

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    The reading that I' ve done says Round up is an endocrine disruptor. No way will I allow it on my land, even if the animals do not have access to it for months. No round up here. period. No other herbicides either. i'll deal with the weeds naturally. Deep mulch being my primary method. Other studies on Round Up have shown that the long term damage done to the soil life is extensive.
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    That is great! I'm glad that works for you.
    A little further research on my part found this:
    "Burnout actually works really well if used correctly. There are a couple of essentials to understand if you want good results. 1) The "burn" action of the citric acid and clove oil is accelerated in sunlight. You'll get the best results by applying it to the weeds in full sun in the heat of day. Under those circumstances, Burnout kills weeds at my home fairly rapidly, like in 15 minutes.
    I live in an orchard of Avocado trees in Calif. It is 365 days a year growing here and the trees do not allow the high mulching and over the large area, they need spot weeding. But I have chickens and other animals that I do not wish to harm. I also do not want something in the soil that is
    detrimental to anything or anyone. That is why I am trying to inform others of the results from my research. Anyone can read and make their own decisions according to their needs. Thanks for your input.

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