Are yellowish feathers bad?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by keyt1969, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. keyt1969

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    I have an approximately 9 month old Pekin whose only problem is a deformed beak. Out of 19 ducks, she is the most voracious eater I have!

    Yesterday I noticed her white feathers are turning yellow? What does this mean? I have several white ducks but she is the only one that looks like this. Any ideas? These pics really don't show how yellow she is either.



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  2. duckyfromoz

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    Jan 11, 2010
    She is gorgeous ...and completely normal as far as her feathers go. She is going through a molt and the new feathers growing through are they ones looking yellow. Over time they will fade to white like the rest of her current plumage.
  3. keyt1969

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    Thank you!! I kinda wondered that. After I made this post my bf reminded me of all the feathers laying around a few days ago. I'm glad you reassured me that's all it is!! [​IMG]
  4. duckyfromoz

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Its great to see people so concerned about their ducks an noticing such small changes. Its always better to ask and be reassured then to worry and wonder.

    She really is such a treasure- and lucky to have you looking after her.
  5. desertdarlene

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    Aug 4, 2010
    San Diego
    Your duck actually looks cute with her bill. I showed your the video of Curly, but I don't think he's as cute as your duck.

    I, also, noticed some yellow feathers on some of the white ducks/geese and was wondering about it, too. So, I will be watching this thread.
  6. Hattiegun

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    My white call has some yellowing feathers.. I assumed it was from all the corn she eats... I feed them treats every evening, tomatoes, lettuce , thawed frozen peas and corn.
    Her favorite is corn and she pigs it down , , I believe I read not to feed show ducks alot of corn as it can cause yellowing.. does she eat corn?
  7. Alicia G

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    Sep 29, 2010
    Nova Scotia
    I think your pekin is beautiful. She looks like shes giving a great big smile for the camera![​IMG]
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  8. keyt1969

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    Thanks for the compliments!

    I named her Sunshine (Sunny) because she always looks like she's smiling. Plus she's just such a happy duck! A friend of mine called me about 5 ducks she rescued but couldn't keep because she didn't have the room. Plus she knew I'd take care of this one. She's so sweet!! She makes us laugh every day because she will follow me (whether in the duck run or not) around to the barn, stand at the door and wait for me to come out with feed. She will then follow us around again until I put food in the trough. She eats it like it's her last meal!!

    She does get cracked corn, but only at night. It's mixed with the regular feed though. Because she has to scoop her food instead of peck at it like a duck with a normal bill, it probably looks like she's getting more food than she does. I'm not really sure. Obviously she's at a good weight so she's getting more than enough food. She's a very good girl!

    I am a HUGE duck fan. We have 19, but also 40 chickens, 2 rabbits and 3 dogs. 3 of my calls I've had since they were about 9 days old so they will always be my faves, but Sunny is tied with them. I talk to all my ducks and chickens, but it's like Sunny knows my voice and comes to me before anyone! I am SO lucky to have her!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    She LOVES the mud....

    ...but also her sister Bindi [​IMG]
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  9. gofasterstripe

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    Quote:AAhhhhhh, that last photo brought a tear to my eyes. Beautiful photo.

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