Are you kidding me?! Drano requires ID!

I think it's all ridiculous but I guess I kind of understand why they do it. There are some horrible people out there who would buy a bottle of Drano, go home and poison their wife. When her autopsy shows how she was killed, they can go to the local stores and find out who bought that bottle and charge him. Pain in the butt, but also kind of useful I guess...

I don't know how it is in the rest of the country but here in Maine, we can only buy 2 or 3 bottles of cough syrup at a time and get carded for it. And no one under 18 can buy Mucinex.
Is it used for meth making?

I recall a woman getting arrested when she went to a few different stores to buy meds.She was stocking up,and lol(not funny to her ofcourse) she wa suspected of making drugs. I guess in her state it was now illegal to purchase so many of a certain OTC med in such a short time.
Poor lady was just getting meds for herslef and her mom!

Don't even get me started on wasting tax payer money. That sadly will never change.
More and more things keep getting added to the list.

I went to walmart to buy super glue for a project and they asked for my ID. I have never been carded for that ever. I guess some police officer's son died of sniffing it and getting high on it so he did what he could to make it hard to get.
I was behind a man buying axle grease that comes in those tubes that you put in grease guns... he needed to show id. I asked why, and the cashier said that people huff it.
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in trying to make us feel secure, the government is taking more and more of our freedoms. if you use drano for purposes other than what it was made for, that is your business. if you use it in a crime and get caught then it is the governments business at that point. i wont sign for it and if they refuse to sell it to me then i will buy liquid plumber or do without it.
Yes Drano is used in meth production...along with the stuff off of matches and the good stuff in sudafed that actually makes it work. I cannot fathom why anyone, after reading what goes into it, would even try the stuff. It is a really big problem here. I do agree though that it is grossly unfair that we have to produce IDs and have our purchases tracked because some idiots want to fry the last of what remaining brain cells they have.
99.99 plus % of the people that buy these products do so with full intention of using them for what they were designed for, the 0.01% or less that would ever do wrong with them; (a) either don't care that they would need to show ID or more likely (b) will simply shop lift or do a little B&E to get ahold of it.

Another 100.00% ineffective law.
too bad all the good laws have been already made and the poor law makers are left producing this sort of stuff to justify their own existance.
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