are you kidding me?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
North Alabama
a local town mayer where one of the tornadoes hit, is banning fema trailers being brought in to house the many families who have lost their homes.

His reasoning? Trailers lower property value. Well won't a bunch of homeless people lower property values even more?

So the town meeting of this nearby small city, has been explosive, people were shouting at the mayer, people were crying, and the mayer refuses to budge. He doesn't want trailers in his small city along with the stigma they bring.

who cares about how something looks (as long as its safe) when it is helping people who have lost everything to a natural disaster?

So, the mayor thinks empty lots with splintered wood and tossed sinks, toilets, appliances, furniture is better for property values than FEMA trailers for housing whilst folks get their lives and homes back together!?!?

This is ridiculous. My guess is he'll change his mind once this makes bigger news. People will be appalled. Instead of his town "looking bad" HE will look bad. What a moron.
Sometimes things don't make much sense, do they?

Two years ago, I think it was, we bought some of the UNUSED
FEMA trailers...they had never even been lived in. Brand new is the
exact word.

Price? $1500.00 each.

Nice little trailers. Great project, just poorly executed.
where would a guy look for something like that Spook? I have a spot way out back I'd love to dig into the hillside and drop one in for an out of the way hunting blind, escape from the children spot
wish i had known about that. a couple of years ago i was living in a used trailer that was full of black mold the roof leaked, the floor was caving in, and i had to use up some of my savings to get a better trailer to live in until i can get enough to build a house
I doubt a small town mayor can trump the federal gov't. Probably just publicity seeking.

Imp- perhaps all the homeless could move into his house.

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