Are you raising ducks for profit in NC/SC?

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    I'm working on an article for a major country lifestyle magazine about raising ducks for food and profit. I am drawing on personal experience, interviews with some of you whom I've already spoken with, an upcoming interview with Dave Holderread, and photographs of duck operations in and around Charlotte, NC (including my own and several others). I'd love to have a few more locations not too far from here where I can come in, ask a few questions, and take some photos of your duck operation. I wouldn't need more than an hour of your time, and you & your duck operation would receive mention in the photo citation and/or article for any of your material/information that is used.

    You don't have to be big-time. I'm certainly not. This magazine is mostly for small-time operations, and so no one expects to hear about factory farming conditions. Just down-home, backyard, hobby-level operations, but with a focus on production--eggs, meat, ducklings--for personal use and/or sale.

    If you are not in NC/SC, or if we aren't able to set up a visit, you might still be able to help me if you're interested. I would love photo submissions of your set-up, and any information you'd like to send me. If you send photos, you will have to sign a form from the magazine giving them the right to publish the photos (and, therefore, the photos MUST belong to YOU and you must have the right to sign for those rights).

    My article is due by Sept 1, so I am looking to set something up within the next two weeks. Thank you!!

    Edited to add: PM me, post your email address here, or email me at heather at writerforlife dot com. Thanks!
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