Are you superstitious?

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    Feb 21, 2009
    I was never superstitious until my great aunt died last year on valentine's day. I was very close to her and she was the first family member I really lost. Ever since then, 211 (my birthday) has come up at random times, mostly while talking about something good, like she's telling me i'm making the right choice and she approves. or when i'm really down and crying, like she's telling me everything's going to be okay. one example is when i bought my boyfriend his ipod for christmas. everyone was telling me not to do it, but i was set on it and did it anyways. my mom bought a few random things as well and rang them up with the ipod and had me pay for them. the total came up to $211.00. i was stunned. it had come up previously as times, or random countdowns on timers. also, my 6 month with my boyfriend is on valentine's day, the day she died. My mom has also seen 613 (her birthday) ever since her father died when she was 17. it became very prevalent when she had a dream that he visited her. while at a party, a psychic was present and picked up on it. she said someone in the room was always seeing 613, and it was a significant number. a birthday. it was her dad talking to her. my mother had just walked into the room when the psychic picked up on it. i've never really been superstitious but i do believe my wonderful Aunt Carrie is still watching over me [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I believe your Aunt Carrie is watching over you. Now with that said the reason you are seeing 211 is because it's a number you recognize. For example, if you are sitting in a car you will see hundreds of license plates with different numbers. As soon as that one with 211 drives by you will notice it.

    Many things will remind us in life of loved ones lost. When you see 211 smile and thank God for the time you got to spend with Aunt Carrie. We are all only here for a little while. [​IMG]

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