Are you supposed to feel rocks in crop? - sour crop?

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    Oct 8, 2015
    Hi there!

    We're on our first batch of chicks. I have an almost 7 week old Buff Orpington who I believe has sour crop.

    I suspect she had an impaction which led to sour crop. She's been lethargic and sleepy for about two days. She does occasionally scratch and peck and still loves being out of the run. She loves being outside and will peck at the ground. Was drinking a ton; now not drinking anything (although I've forced a lot of fluids down her this morning!). I think she ate too many big seeds or maybe some long grass - been letting her out of the coop the last few days to roam around and behind is a fence with long grass growing in it.

    Are you supposed to feel rocks in the crop? I'm wondering if I'm actually feeling the gizzard instead??

    After helping her vomit this morning I still feel rocks in her crop. I only got a little vomit up but it was a little sour smelling.

    I've given her sauerkraut juice, ACV in the water, and just now some red wine.

    She's in an isolation brooder and she did have a decent poop. Not drinking anything now. Will try some yogurt with live cultures soon. Just seeing if the red wine will flush her out.

    Any other suggestions?? - thank you!!

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