Are you supposed to mist the eggs?

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    Mar 11, 2007
    I was turnin the eggs a couple minutes ago and suddenly remembered something someone taught me years ago when I incubated for the first time: mist the eggs with a spray bottle every day. So I got out a spray bottle and misted them. For humidity I am just keeping the wells in the 'bator full. Do I need more moisture than that? I live in Arizona and it's dry but not hot. So..... Am I supposed to mist them or not??
  2. I thought you only misted duck eggs but I could be wrong. Since you live in such a dry area it might be okay.
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    Mar 2, 2008
    So..... Am I supposed to mist them or not??

    For chicken eggs, not. Waterfowl are different.

    Keep the humidity at 40 to 50% by placing water trays in the bottom .... surface area is what counts, not depth. Increase this to around 70% from day 18.

    Some people prefer to slightly chill the eggs daily to replicate the hen getting up for 15 mins or so .... but an incubator isn't a broody hen, and I've never seen anything that suggests this is necessary.​

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