are your chickens smarter than a 5th grader?


11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
well my babies all 14 of them have figured out how to open the gate. one of the chickens will poke its head through one of the holes in the fence and push till its open. now thats pretty smart. and now when im leaving the coop and try to not let them free range every single day but it ends up every single day as soon as i open the gate to slip out they all rush out like a herd of buffalo. all i can do is just laugh and bribe them with treats to get back inside for bed. lol they are just so funny to watch. what smart things do your chickens do
I went to gather eggs yesterday, I noticed 12 or 15 feathers in a small area in the yard, I said to the hens, who did this? what happened here? was someone in a fight? I bent down to pick them up, my naked neck turken Sally came over and started "talking" on and on she went, walking back and forth, I said are you hurt? let me see you, she walked over and I ran my hands over her, all ok but for some missing feathers.
Sallie has never "talked" before. Guess I never asked her any questions!
I think she is smarter then a 5th grader.
I have a few that are smart. Lil'Bit is my smartest chicken. She learned quickly that she can't make it up to the roost in the evenings due to her partial blindness. She waits just outside the coop door for me to put her on a roost and it had better be the right roost!
The few times I've been late to lock them up in the evenings, she's come looking for me.

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