Are your 'teens' pigs?


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
My older girls are very gentle and easy when they 'take' a treat from our hands....But our "teens' are little pigs! They grab, bite, snap --worse that my dogs --when they are offered a treat! Only two of the 12 week olds are 'nice' about it!

So, are your teens pigs or are they polite?
Mine are part broody-raised, so they are aloof. The ones that take treats from my hand get the most treats. I have some grown birds that are pigs, though. And some spoiled birds that will only eat treats from my hand and not off the ground
My teens are both.

I will tell you this. Grapes turn my chickens into T-Rex's. They grab and go so fast and hard that they wouldn't know if they had my finger instead of a grape.

Everything else, they are polite and gentle. But watch out for those grapes.

My chickens just want to eat. Kinda of like a dog they see me coming with the special dish & they are ready.They all gather around & I put it on the ground & they inhale it.

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