Aren't my hens suppose

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  1. poodlepill

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    Feb 27, 2010
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    To be singing the bok-bok-bok-bagok egg laying song? They don't make a peep. So they are young and just figuring out this egg laying thing. This afternoon one of my hens went into the nesting box not making a peep, another hen came by and she growled at her but still no song (there was an egg later). Well Mr. Roo came in looking for his favorite hen (her) and then proceeded to get all agitated and HE bok-bok-bok-bagok real loud while pacing in front of the box she was in, then he stuck his face in there and bok-bok-boked at her. He got another hen standing there to bok-bok-bok quietly too. I then decided to grab up Mr. Roo and hand him upside down and face plant him into the cement just in case he was trying to tell ME something LOL so it kind of ended his bok-bocking and he ran outside to find his manhood again.
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    Aww, but the Roo also gets to get in on the congratulations for egg laying!

    Not all of my pullets/hens sing the Egg Song. A couple of 'em sing it loud and long; I have a recording of Rebecca singing it for 3 minutes straight.
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    Not always. I have some who will lay their eggs and then walk half way across the yard - or up to the porch of the house - and then break into song. You just never know. Probably it will develop though. They seem to encourage each other to sing about eggs.
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    Depends on the breed. Depends on the hen.

    My Buttercups rarely make a peep. My RIR used to be very noisy, I had a talking to her and threatened her neck, been quiet ever since. I am not sure why that worked, but it did, must have been the tone of my voice. I would like to wring the neck of my Granddaughters little white hen most days, but of course I don't. Seems like the more attention they get, the noisier they get.

    But they do argue about who gets to use a certain nest box first, all the time. Every nest box can be empty but 5 of them will want one certain nest. They are just a bunch of teenagers griping about what the other one has or wants.

    The older ones are more settled and much quieter. Course they just take over what they want and let the youngsters gripe.

    Isn't having chickens fun. Very entertaining.
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    Thanks for your replies, I actually was looking forward to hearing the commotion so was missing it. I will wait and see who sings for me, only 14 more to mature soon.
  6. michickenwrangler

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    Mine didn't start with the egg song until they had been laying for a few months.

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