ARG!! Running out of time!! (long, frustrated post)

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    Very long, VERY frustrated!
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    I was supposed to be leaving on Friday, now I am saying Saturday. I HAVE to be there by Monday when there are umpteen different installations scheduled and DH will be at work. If I miss them who knows wehne they can be rescheduled. Also, the he and his buddies can use the car hauler to load up the rest of the stuff from the shipping containers. Seems that the depot in that town is not equipped to bring the containers to the house. It's not far, just a hassle to have to unload, load onto pickups, then unload at the house. If I had known that I might have gone for the extra$$ to have them bring a semi trailer instead of the cubes.

    (and yes, I know I am wasting time doing this but I gotta vent, and eat, so I do both at the same time, and I have already been up and working for a while today)
    Out of all this time, only one day for a couple hours, have i had any help. I wrangled my friends BF and his buddy to help pack the large appliances and furniture. But the other "friends" who have promised to help (and who BOTH owe me money!) have not shown. When you know you are supposed to have an extra set of hands later, you tend to leve some things for that time and work around. If I had KNOWN I would be doing the whole mess solo, I would have done a lot different! But when you talk to someone at 8PM and they say they will be over right after work the next day.....then don't even show up for problems, babysitter problems, DCS trouble, you name it. I guess I just wasn't meant to have help.

    I wasted half the day yesterday getting the oil changed in the truck. It needed to be done and have a total check up before the trip, but I wish there hadn't been so many others with the same idea at the same time!
    then I lost a day and a half flat on my back becasue of the snake bite. Thank goodness it was a dry bite or I would REALLY be behind schedule!
    I still have to get the rest of the trash bagged and taken to the dump (which includes stuff I WAS going to take but have gotten sick of trying to figure where I am going to put it. (again, having been promised help, I started the packing differently, then faced with not being able to manuver some heavy, and/or delicate items up to the top section of the shipping containers without a second pair of hands....) so among other things, the 48" plasma TV is now going to be in the car rather than nestled in the seat of my overstuffed recliner....which was perched on top of the dryer, making it rather difficult for me, at 5'6" to get it safely up there! So I slung a rope over the locking clamp and hauled up something else that was heavy but that (at that point!) I didn't CARE if I dropped!
    Still have to do the vaccuuming after I get the trash out and the stuff I am taking stashed in a closet, then I have to repaint one of the bedrooms, and rent the Rug Doctor to do the carpets in the entire house. Original plan was to have that all done by last nite, so landlord can inspect. Now he tells me that he won't give me my deposit till the day I leave, when I am ready to walk out the door. Hmmm, since I am planning to leave at the crack of dawn, wonder if he'll trust me not to trash the place or make me stay in a hotel? Which I won't be able to, since until I get the deposit back I will be totally broke. You see, unlike most people around this area, I am actually PAYING my bills before I leave and cleaning the house instead of leaving 3 months of unpaid bills and a trashed house, hence the landlords reluctance. That plus my neighbor told him I had the goats living in the house. Which WAS true, for about a month, when they were bottle feeding through the nite, but what Nosy Neighbor didn't mention was that they were kept in a CAGE (48' cube designed originally for my iguanas) and not just running loose in the house. It would be so nice that if people just can't STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS, they could at least GET THE WHOLE STORY before passing it on.
    Not having packed the TV means I have a large, heavy, awkward piece in the living room that I have to work around. One of these days DH will actually get the bracket and HANG THE DANG THING ON THE WALL LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! It would still be a pain for me to handle, but it would be out of the way.
    OK, I done for now! I do actually feel a bit better. Until I turn around and see what still has to be done!
    Not all that much, looking at the whole project, but my energyget up and go level isn't much either!
    Oh well, back to the grind.......
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    this too shall pass.. keep on keeping on..

    Giving you a little chearleading.. sorry you are not getting any help.

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