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    ...from losing what's left of my mind. [​IMG]

    Note: I'm trying to calibrate an LG still air with an automatic turner and my eggs are due probably TOMORROW! [​IMG]

    In an attempt to figure out where it ALL went wrong with my last hatch, I went and bought myself a thermometer with a probe, with humidity read-out and placed it in my now empty 'bator with my new turner and my old thermometer w/humidity read out, and let them sit for about 18 hours.

    I ended up with the old therm. saying 101 degrees, 41% humidity, and the new thermometer saying 101.7 in the bator, 101.5 in the wiggler, and humidity at 34%. Quite a difference in the humidities, so I did the calibration test to find out my old thermometer is off by 7% on the humidity. No wonder the poor little things shriveled up in their membranes. [​IMG] The new therm. is right on, humidity-wise.

    Right now, the wiggler is sitting on the turner and the probe inside it reads 101.8. The inside temp on the same thermometer reads 101.3. Should I go by the wiggler temp or the 'bator temp?

    Please tell me I'm worrying too much, I'm seriously over-complicating things, and all will be well. [​IMG]
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    Sending good hatching vibes your way~
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    I would go by the water wiggler. That's my opinion, and what I'm doing. Good luck with your new hatch! Steph

    Edited to add that yes, you are worrying too much!!![​IMG]
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