Arggg overprotective mama.

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    Jan 4, 2010
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    My buff orphington (Buffy the vampire slayer) Hatched eight little buggers about a week ago. We had a really bad accident with my coop (which is across half a mile of wooded area and a road from my house) And I only have two hens left. Jenny and Buffy. I didn't even know Buffy was broody untill the chicks apeared [​IMG] Anyway, she is so protective of those chicks, she won't even let me clean the food tray. We moved her and the chicks up to the house in my brooder. She puffs up and does her motherly BRAWWWWWK when I walk by. I grabbed her from behind today (Imange an angry rooster trying to flog me) and I took a hen saddle I havent sewn together yet (note to self) and wrapped it around her wings. I grabbed her feet and started working. Her toenails where really long because she's walking on the wire floor of my brooder and doesnt have anything to file her nails on. Anyway I noticed she smelled really REALLY bad. So I gave her a bath. Well miss ungratefull will I use my expensive organic perfumey shampoo on you? No ma'am I will not! Not after I started scurbbing you down with it and you tried to escape the bath tub by jumping on my head. So I used my dad's uky pert shampoo (cant stand the smell) anyway I get her out and she still looks like Im a bug she wants to eat. So, to the point.... HOW DO I MAKE HER LIKE ME AGAIN? I mean I tried a spa day! What single mom deosn't like a spa day away from the kids?!?! [​IMG] Okay, rant finished have a nice day [​IMG]

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