Argh! Broody again!

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    Apr 22, 2008
    One of my australorps went broody a month or so ago. Chef was wonderful and gave me some eggs to put under her. She sat on them for about two weeks in a brooder box we had available, though they weren't in a nest box within the brooder just because we use milk crates as our nest boxes and she wouldn't have really had room to get out of the nest box to move around because the brooder is fairly short.

    After about two weeks, she ate one or two of the eggs, so I took her out and put her back in the run with the other hens. I don't think she has been laying again as I haven't had one single day with two australorp eggs (I have two aussie hens). I noticed when I went out to do milking this evening that she wasn't out in the run which was odd. After I took care of feeding the other birds, I checked the nest box and sure enough, there she was sitting on all the eggs laid today and she puffed up and growled at me as I took them away.

    So now I have this broody who wasn't successful last time (though I wonder if she just didn't like the box I put her in), and I have no fertile eggs. I'm wondering if I should put another nest box in the main coop and get some eggs for her to sit on in there. Perhaps she won't eat them if she isn't cooped up in a small box like last time. What would you do?

    Edited to add: What a horrible run-on I wrote that second sentence.
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