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  1. Warning: This is a rant. I blew a gasket. It is NOT a friendly topic.


    Okay, so DH is in school yes? Works for his dad. Dad hired another fella, Wayne, solely so that DH could attend classes. The new hire was hired on at the exact hourly wage as DH, though DH has been there for seven YEARS.

    Wayne hasn't worked a full week the entire time... something always comes up. He refuses to do deliveries because he doesn't like to drive, etc etc. He is NOT doing the same job as DH, or even as the owner. He's also borrowed money, to be paid back bit by bit out of his check, over the years to the tune of over $2000.00 (current balance, not the total)

    So, his wife is very diabetic. Refuses to watch her diet. Refuses to even so much as call in a prescription, n'mind picking it up. She makes her hubby do all that. Including WALKING to get it. Mind you they bought a car with their latest tax return, but they refuse to drive it. Personally I think they could have used that same money to pay back what they owe, or HEY here's an idea pay up the rent you were behind, but that's me.

    Did I mention he's a history of drug and alcohol use? And he's missed work for drunk and disorderly... etc. Wife would lock him out and call the police even when he wasn't drinking or abusive. Drama Drama Drama. And in the middle of all this is a 12-13 year old girl.

    Now all through this time Wayne has bad mouthed Owner to DH, knowing that's his Dad... really does on and ON and ON about it. Last couple weeks he's been talking about how he should be put on salary. Paid for 60 hours of work a week, but doesn't have to be there for that whole time. Now DH is on salary, after SEVEN YEARS of working 60 hours a week. Wayne has been there three, and has NEVER put in a single 60 hour week. So, Owner said no. To me that is understandable. Other employees, family or not, have been there a lot longer before they were salaried. They also proved the could be counted on for a full week's work. Wayne has done neither, thus he was refused.

    So his wife gets sick. Has to go to the hospital. Shocker given her behavior. Wayne takes off. No call, no show, no note, nada. Also takes off with a couple hundred dollars worth of uniforms that Owner is responsible for. Owner, being a decent human being, wrote a check assuming the days he missed were 'vacation' so that he'd still get a check vs nothing for not showing up. NO call or show since then. He's been down in San Antonio working. Dumped his DD on his stepson... same stepson who can't keep a job, a place, no food in the house, no car, etc. I've met the guy, he is CREEPY. No way I'd trust him with any 13yo girl. I wouldn't trust him to take care of my dog. Anywho, he abandoned his wife in the hospital. Dumped his daughter with a creep. And took off. Last we heard he was in San Antonio working, via a ride from Joe the Stepson.

    And then he called here. Immediately starts in about how Owner (recall this is my FIL) is this that and the other. He's got MILLIONS in savings... blah blah blah... rolling in the dough... piece of bleep because he's got all this cash and could "set us up on easy street" if he wasn't a selfish blah blah... and so on.

    I tried to point out, calmly, that owner's son or not DH had to put in a good six years of 60 hour weeks before he was put on salary.... refused to listen enter rant. Tried to point out that I KNEW that Owner had brought home, according to IRS records, less than 30k last year... no dice enter rant. He said "he owns all these tractors, equipment, etc." and I said "That he's selling off to make payroll"... no dice enter rant.

    I finally lost it... said "You don't know *explicative*! *explicative* You!" and hung up.

    Now, I'll admit that when I first met DH in school it appeared that his family was doing okay... decent home, not a mansion by ANY means, but okay. Vehicles look nice but they are over 10 years old.... aka well taken care of. A decent Christmas spread. And so on. But, I also learned from knowing them, and for a year LIVING with them that things aren't so peachy. Christmas too MONTHS to pay off. Only reason they can keep their house is due to SS payment. FIL can't retire, NO SAVINGS AT ALL, but the SS covers the house payment at least. For the last three weeks (like MANY weeks last year) there has been NO paycheck for him. And so on. I know these things because (after years as just an In Law) I'm family. I TRIED, without violating a confidence, to let this... ahem...know that but he just would not hear of it. He was convinced that any business owner must be a millionaire and is just a fat, think Monopoly, fat cat that was using and abusing everyone around them.

    So... yeah... I blew a gasket. I can take abuse... heck look how I was raised. But dangit I'll be darned if I will stand by and watch a guy who works his bum off, HAS since he was 16 years old, to make the payroll and take home NOTHING be badmouthed by a drug abusing, no show moron and not say anything. I had reached my limit.

    After a bit I told DH what I'd said and he pretty much said "Good, glad I didn't have to talk to him" and after more deep breathing I called FIL and let him know I'd blown a gasket. Told him what Wayne had said, and that I was sorry, but I just couldn't deal with that. That he was too much like my Sis.. blaming everyone else for their choices, never their fault, and I just lost it. Quoted MYSELF, curses and all. He said it was okay, he'd have NEVER said such a thing as he's a peacemaker sort, and that things will work out as they will work out.

    So... that was our latest drama... owned up to my outburst.. not pawning it off on anyone else or anything. But couldn't quite get over the mad so figured I'd write it out. Appreciate the forum. And, Modly Ones, as always if I've overstepped feel free to delete with no hard feelings. [​IMG]
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    There's always someone looking for a handout from hard-working people.
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    SURELY, there has GOT to be someone better your FIL can hire to take that bum's place??? Lots of people would welcome a good job.
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    I know this all too well. We too were self employeed and my BIL wanted, wanted and wanted some more. Thought we were rolling in the dough. Ended up loosing everything and getting low paying jobs.

    I feel for your FIL, I know how it feels.
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  6. Well, you would think... particularly in this economy. But SO many (including his other/eldest son) think they are too good to do manual labor. Running a Dingo up onto a trailer, mixing up a batch of concrete, putting oil in a returned machine, delivering tables and chairs (I've helped with this myself it is NOT that hard)... that's just not "worthy" employment.

    For us, it's plenty. Now granted we don't drive new cars... they're old and have their issues. And we don't wear name brands, unless I happen to catch a decent fitting/decent made pair at the thrift store... but we get by. Roof over our heads, PLENTY of good, decent food (tonight was leftover chicken but fresh squash and okra from the farmers market)... we do okay. We've got the basics, healthy kids, and DH has a job that is dependable and at the same time allows him to pursue the degree that will get him where he wants to be (teacher). Cannot ask for more than that.

    But for SO many... I mean, OMG... Wayne, just for example, never even bothered with a HS diploma... refuses to put in a 40 hour, nevermind the 60 hours (with overtime pay) that everyone else there (including owners who are in their 60's) put in... well he expects to be paid MORE than the owner for LESS than HALF the hours... if he shows up at all.

    That just chaps me beyond measure. Especially when I hear about folks who would be thrilled to have ANY job so they can support their kids. *sigh* But I am a bit biased... 1 being family to the business (also happen to have been raised with a family business)... but also 2 having a sister like I do. It's very nice to see I'm not the only one who still actually appreciates a Real Man being one who will do whatever is needed to provide for himself, n'mind the kids he brought into this world. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks a person's word is supposed to be worth something.

    But OH BOY the stories about the folks that have been hired... there isn't enough space to type. But, bonus points for the GENIUS equipment renters. IE the guy that rented a lawnmower... typical gas powered kind... picked the thing up and decided to trim his hedges. Guy was shocked, AND SUED, when his fingers were nipped by the gas powered blades nipping his fingers... n'mind the bright yellow warning labels saying beware of sharp blades. [​IMG]

    But, then there was TODAY'S genius. They rented a Boom Lift for 4 hours.... they've had it for two days. (yet another example of NOT keeping to your word but moving on)... genius called and said "It won't start"... well... you've had it for a day, rather than four hours... did you check the gas tank? "Yep, we looked in there. It's totally empty." OMG DUHHHHH! [​IMG] Sheesh. That was yesterday... today there was the bonus call... "Gas is full, but won't work"... "Did you check the OIL?" Running for 2 days instead of 4 hours... "Ohhh yeah that's empty, we'll fill it up."

    REALLY... I swear I had NO clue how absolutely STUPID people were until I married into this business. These people are a hazard to themselves. And they are breeding.
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    [​IMG] Scary!
  8. ^Precisely.
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    Man, I know of probably 100 familys including us that would love to have a job, any job right now. Familys in this area are losing everything they have worked so hard for all there lives. What is wrong with this man?
    Sounds like the alcohol has warped his brain. Doesn't he know whats going on in ths country?

    [email protected]@
  10. ^See that's always been my thought.

    Sure, no new car here... but we can pay our bills. Dependable paycheck. And even in bad times, when the owners aren't taking home a DIME, they will sell off assets to make payroll. That is above and beyond the normal business type to me.

    I know we're lucky. To have income period. But to have one willing to cut you slack, count it as PAID vacation if you need off... not to mention able to pursue a degree... yeah, we're very lucky... even at less than 30k per year.

    And, DH wants to teach. With a Bach he could teach HS or lower, with certification. Opening salary for that in this particular district is 44k. That'd be huge increase for us. And we'd be happy with it. Don't understand people (living in the same area thus same rent/etc needs) that think this is just impossible to live on.

    Really, it boggles my mind.

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