Argh! Double R Supply Is A Pain!


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Apr 29, 2007
So my turner went out on my new bator ( bought on Ebay on the 11th, sent payment Priority on the 12th, they shipped to me on the 17th and I received on the 21st)
I called them this morning after the turner died this weekend.
First they seemed totally unconcerned and then said, well we can send you a new motor, but it will take a few days to get it. I said "I have 24 eggs in this incubator, I will now have to turn them 3 times a day or go buy a turner locally"
They said "oh, well sorry but thats all we can do" I then asked "do the motors go out frequently" "Yeah, all the time"
I stopped at my feed store and forked over $36.00 for a new turner, which at the moment is working fine.
I am going to call the manufacturer and let them know A) How a dealer is acting and B) See if they will do anything, I bought the same turner , hoping they will give me a discount/coupon or something on another bator. I would like to think the manufacturer would stand behind their product and do something to compensate me for this.
I have called them for information on a product and I was asking all kinds of questions and the lady said well I have no idea I've never been ask those questions before! If you sell a product I would think you would know a little about it? I didn't buy from them I went to the manufacturer for it.
I am sorry this happened to you. Unless you buy it direct I don't know many who will make it good for you. I know Hovabator changed the way their turner motor is made and it is no longer plastic gears. They use metal gears to prevent this from happening now. I would call Double R back and get the new motor. It won't hurt to hand turn them a few days. Just remember next time to buy direct if you can and don't play the middleman games they like to pull.
With over 20 years experience in sales and customer service, I am hoping to appeal to their "wanting to make the customer happy" side. If not, my feed store said she would see what seh could do. She buys her bators direct from GQF. Now that's Customer Service, didn't even buy the bator from them and they want to help me.
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Does anyone know who actually makes those motors?

I'd like to take a look at the range offered by the manufacturer, but am having a hard time finding out.
I had 2 bad experiences with double r feed store also. I bought a turning ring and it was the wrong size. I called left message no reply. I emailed, I was told to call. SECOND experience I ordered a candler and it has been a week and still not here. If they don't keep it in stock they should not sell it. It is against ebay rules. WE SHOULD BOYCOT double R. Obously they do not want our buisness!
I also had problems with Double R. My first incubator was ordered from them and it took them more then two weeks to ship it.

Kents koop is a lot cheaper than bouble r. Way cheaper. I bought a machine from them today infact and it was 100-150 less than double r. I wrote a feedback letter to them. Lets see if they respond

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