ARGHHHHHH. Frustration.

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    Nov 2, 2008
    Orlando, FL.
    I'm going on vacation soon, and me and friend had made arrange months ago starting during the holidays, the three chickens we keep would stay at her house but i provided supplies (pine shedding, waterer, feeder, etc.) , but literally minutes ago she told me she probably can't keep my two hens at home, but can keep her roo (which i maintain, for the most part.) , just because her mother doesn't like the hens. For one, I think this is some B.S, i don't see how it's fair she can blame her mother, when she jumped into promises.

    Not only that, i have until saturday to find someone in the orlando area who is smart enough to watch my OEGB and another mysterious little hen who we don't know her breed. One bird is a show bird, and i really need a sensible person to chicken-sit. I'm just not sure i have the money to pay or someone who can keep them for an entire two weeks whom i trust.

    Sigh. Great, this is the second of third time this friend will arrange something and then leave me frustrated to resolve my own issues. [​IMG] As of this moment, i want to sit down and have a serious discussion with her moher and her and tell them both, if they make commitments with me, they need to uphold them as i uphold mine. end of story.

    And to think, her mother's reasoning is because "i don't really like that white one."


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