Arizona 9 Year old wants Silkies!!


9 Years
Jan 1, 2011
Navajo County
my nine year old wants to get silkies so badly and i want to get them for him but do not want 25 or to pay all that and so on,,,dont have a broody hen and I am afraid of the bator anyone know anyone in az or New Mexico that has silkies...
I just went to the feed store on MC 85 in Buckeye Az last Saturday and they told me they just sold their silkies last week. They do still have some bantams but the bantams are all varied and not breed discernable by what I saw. Sorry I don't remember the name of the feed store but I'm sure you can find it as it is the only feed store on MC 85. Wish you the best.
We got our four "girls" (Australorps and Cochins) from

They're doing great.

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