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    Hi Hope this is ok in his thread....
    I'm in Arizona and wish to sell my eggs as I have lots of eggs because I don't eat them. I am wondering if anyone has an example of an egg carton label for Arizona as I know they can't say fresh or local. TIA! [​IMG]
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    Not sure why you think they cannot say "fresh" or "local"? Eggs and/or their carton must be dated, and listing a location is certainly allowed (look at the egg cartons in any supermarket) What you cannot use are terms such as organic or free-range, etc. that have very USDA specific meanings (unless your use matches the meaning, and you have any necessary certifications). Contact your county extension agent for further requirements; there are some very specific Federal regs you must follow.
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    Listing location is not only allowed but mandatory, at least in mine and all states I've ever looked at the laws for. The basic standard is easy to see once you've looked at enough laws. Each state then adds to the basic rules if they want. Like washed and refrigeration is added by a lot of states. I can sell unwashed unrefrigerated eggs in my state.

    Must have physical location, basic rule for all sold foods.

    May not

    Claim organic or free range, size or grade of eggs without proper certifications.

    In my state all info on reused cartons must be blacked out, i.e. size, grade or claim of organic/ free range must be covered with marker or tape as to not misinform consumer. Then the name of farm (if a real business) or physical location of operation printed on container via sticker or written. That's it in a nutshell- the most base rules for sale of foods. Each state keeps it simple like this or adds to it because more laws and rules are a fun way to live free.
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    I think I can help you out. You are correct that "Nest Run" egg cartons cannot say "Fresh", "Local", state a size (Large, etc.), or say "Organic" unless you follow the rules that companies using the term "organic" are required. As a small producer, if you follow the rules outlined by the USDA for using the term "organic" you can put the word on your cartons but you have to be able to back up with records that you follow the rules for stating such, and you cannot put "Certified Organic" on your cartons unless you meet those requirements. Since you are a Nest Run producer the reason you can't say "fresh", "Large", etc. is because your eggs are not graded, which is required by the USDA in order to use those labels.

    I sell quite a few eggs but I still fall under being a small producer of Nest Run eggs. I use recycled cartons and black out all the labels and verbiage on the cartons I use, and then stick my own label on the cartons and a label that says "Nest Run". In AZ you are required to put the "Nest Run" label and name/address on your cartons, and if using recycled cartons like I'm doing, they cannot have any labels from the company that previously put their info on the carton. Hope that helps. All of this info is available on the AZ Dept of Ag website.

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