Arizona Giant Crab Spiders


In the Brooder
7 Years
Oct 13, 2012
Does anyone know if the giant crab spider will hurt my chickens 4 are born Sep. 24 and 2 are born Oct. 18th, all are outside in a coop and I caught the spider on the inside wall of the coop it was ontop but droped in when I tried to caputure it. (finally got it though). Still alive in bowl accidentally took 2 legs off when cathing it. One from each side, if not harmful and i let it go will it still be able to survive.
Thank you, I still have the spider locked up waiting for a friend of mine who knows about spiders (not a professional but is interested in them), but they have no idea about chickens so I thought I would ask. They eat flys, moths, mosquitos when they catch them, and lizards. But I have yet to see them eat a spider so I was really worried. I almost touched it last night when checking on the babies and saw it move that is how I found it.

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