Arizona Homegrown Freedom Act

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    (Homegrown Freedom Act) Arizona Senate Bill 1151

    This State Bill will return to everyone the right to own fowl on single family detected homes all across Arizona. Senate Bill 1151 will override city/town zoning and restrictions that prohibit you from owning fowl.

    The Senate Committee will be hearing this bill on February 3rd @ 2:00 pm (Please arrive 45 minutes early to have time to signup/register in support of the Bill & also for the right to speak if wanted) If you want to speak please make a short and to the point comment so others can have the same opportunity.
    At 1:30 pm Senator Farnsworth will make a special request to introduce Backyard Farmers Untied to the Committee.

    Senator Farnsworth will be speaking on behalf of our Bill and we will have room for up to 6 other speakers if time allows. We must get our Bill Past by this Committee on Feb 3rd for it to move forward to a Senate Vote. This will be our only chance to be heard until the Bill gets sent to the House of Representative.

    We need everyone that can to come and attend. We need to show a presence and to override the opposition 100's to 1. This is how we will get it passed by showing our support. If you don't show it could fail (so if you want this we need you there. Don’t think others have you covered because that is a false positive. We need you, Yes YOU.)

    Please print the Image attached and bring it to show your support.
    We are counting on all of you. We have made it this far so lets push it all the way to the Governors Desk for a signature.

    Please come visit the Fan Page to get a detailed map and direction to the Capitol.

    Senate Bill Links for info and language of the bill.

    Co-Sponsors of our bill Link
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