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    Come join us here in Arkansas. We meet this coming up Saturday.

    The Little Rock Backyard Poultry Meetup Group is for people who have small backyard flocks of chickens for pets, eggs, and meat.

    You just might be suprised at how many people living in your neighborhood have pet chickens!

    There is nothing quite like walking outside in the morning to gather fresh organic eggs for your breakfast!

    We welcome everyone that has a small backyard flock of chickens, and those that are interested.

    September 2009 Meetup
    Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 9:00AM

    We will be discussing poultry issues and planning for future meetings. This is your chance to voice your opinion and ideas about what you would like to learn or what you have to offer other poultry enthusiast. This will also be great place to meet others that have the same interest.

    We will also have a couple of speakers at this meeting, we are still ironing out the details and will provide them as we get them.

    You are also welcome to bring chickens to sell/trade/etc. They must be tested and we will have testers there.
    There will be a $5 setup fee. The fee will go towards website, supplies, etc.

    We are still looking for sponsors - they will also be added to this site. If you are wanting to speak to the group or give a demo, please contact me ASAP, so that I can put you on the schedule.

    Thank you

    See the full event details, including location, at

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