Arkansas: Buff Orpington Trio (laying) FS


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11 Years
May 24, 2008
Central Arkansas
I'm trying to thin the numbers here to make room for young up-and-coming birds (more Marans and more BBS Orps), so I'm willing to sell one or two trios of Buff Orpingtons. These birds are not quite one year old, and the hens are laying well. They're used to free-ranging. Good opportunity for a newcomer to have a "shortcut" into chickens without ordering chicks. $40.

I might have two trios to offer, not sure yet.

In Central Arkansas, near Jacksonville/Cabot.
why can't you be closer?
Awww! Surely someone you know gets to Little Rock every once in a while? Stay in touch, we're hatching like crazy. If you get to LR sometime let me know, because we go there two or three times a week.
I'll be heading down to Little Rock for a job interview on March 27. I could possibly drop these birds off to someone along the way???

Ninja, are these bantams or standards??
well, i do not come to little rock very often but will be coming up on March 30 for my son's doctor checkup (he had a liver transplant 4 yrs ago so we come up every 6 months). maybe you will have something then
I have 2 cuckoo cockerels and some Black New Jersey Giant cockerels, to trade, if you were willing, doesnt have to be for the trio, I will be passing your way sometime in the next month, so we could dicker about for anything, you might not need or want that you think I might be interested in. I also have a baby mini-Lamancha buckling, only 3 days old right now. That I could throw in to trade. These arent registered, but his sire has the la mancha ears .
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I'm in Little Rock and this is just the thing I've been looking for. Now, I'm really just getting started and don't actually have a coop yet. Are you willing to wait a bit or are you in a hurry?

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