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  1. I hope that this post will help most of us in the Fort Smith & Northwest Arkansas and Plus Oklahoma bider be able to have a post where we can communicate locally.
    What fun it would be to be able to have poultry and other items we can share and actually be able to meet the folks in real life. That's not to leave others out. But this will bring us a little closer to home. Maybe a group of us can even travel some day and garb up some eggs or chickens we all want across the US.
    I would of love to had some one to travel to Georgia with to get my Black Copper Marans. plus I would have loved to have meet my seller in person.

    I'll post what I have to sell in a reply.
  2. I have two 4 month old brown leghorn pullets for sell. They are beautiful birds.
    I would trade them for some feeders, nest, fence.
    I have a beautiful large black proud rooster. Not sure of the breed.
    One small Golden Seabright looking banty hen.
    One black hen with brown feathers around her neck. 4 Mos.
    I would trade for just about anything you think I could use for my new hen house and yard.

    I will also let some of my RIR pullets go. But only about 4 of them. They are also 4-5 months old.
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  3. I have this list for sale
    2 Brown Welsummer pullets 4 mos. old. 6.00
    1 Black pullet 4 mos. old 5.00
    1 Banty pullet 4.00
    4 New Hampshire Red Pullets 4 mos old 8.00 each.
    All of these are pure breeds and will start to lay this next coming
    1 large black rooster 4.00.
    I'm in North Fort Smith
  4. I have some of these chicken plates for sell on my web site if any one would be interested in them.
    Vintage Homer Laughlin plates. Just le me know but check the plates. they are adorable.
    Pick out you favorite plates.
    Perfect for kitchen decor. Below is just an examples.



  5. lashawnb

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    Jul 22, 2008
    Bartlesville, Oklahoma
    If you all get something together, I live in the NE Oklahoma
    area & could easily drive to the Ft Smith area. I have one
    banty hen & am in the market for more. I have one banty
    roo that is around 12 weeks old that I'd like to sell. I live in
    town & can't get away with roosters. Keep me on the list
    if you get a sale going. Thank you
    Bartlesville, OK
  6. Sure thing. I have just the banty pullet and black pullet with large rooster right now. I may have a couple of French Black Copper Marans roosters to sell later this fall. I may have more than I need. Matter of fact I know I do. But I have to keep my best one or two for breeding.
    But I have started my own forum since I created this this thread and that will most likely be where I post all my birds and eggs I have for sell. So you may want to watch there. You can get to it from my website.

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    Apr 13, 2007
    Choctaw Oklahoma
    Hello You might check out the Okies in the BYC thread on here. We have a lot of Okies and some Arkansas folks on here as well. Some from right around Fort Smith.
  8. Can you send me the thread?
  9. Buckguy20

    Buckguy20 OKIE MOSES

    Apr 13, 2007
    Choctaw Oklahoma
    Just do a search for Okies in the BYC

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