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May 20, 2008
Ladies and Gents, not sure of the number of members from the southwestern part of Arkansas we have here, but last night mother nature had a mood swing. Severe flooding in the Albert Pike Rec area south of Lake Ouchita has hospitalized 2 dozen people, 16 are dead, and 40 missing when two rivers on either side of the rec area rose at an alarming rate over night. At midnight the river level was at 3 foot. Early this moring it was at 23.93 ft. This was the result of over 7 inches of rain in 5 hours. Please keep all those involved in this catostrophe in your mind and prayers.

ETA: More can be read on the current events here:

has just recently been updated.
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Read of this disaster with horror yesterday, aching for everyone who has lost loved ones or who is hurting and not knowing...will be sending up prayers for all.


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Jun 27, 2008
Southeast AR
So many of the dead and missing are children. I did see one story that ended well. A church youth group of about 10 kids plus sponsors was camping that night. One of the sponsors couldn't sleep and kept getting up. As he was walking outside, a streak of lightening illuminated the area and he saw the rising water. He was able to get all the kids safely out.

We're just thinking about and praying for all the families involved.

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