Arlington Needs Our help, they want Backyard birds!

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    Arlington has a poll in the local news, and needs our help in voting for them to be allowed to have chickens in their backyards. This is the perfect place to get votes, so please click on the link and vote for them. Also, I love the chicken whisperer daily talk blog, it has so much info and he has great ideas. HenZ

    Thanks for voting and helping Arlington get the chickens they deserve!
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    Apr 29, 2011
    Yay Arlington! Washington DC needs help too!
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    May 14, 2011
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    Did you know there is an Arlington texas? where the texas Rangers and Cowboys play. They forbid chickens altogether! I live in Grand Prairie the next town over. The law here says 150 ft from another residence. This effectively forbids chickens also. Is there anyone out there who has them anyway? I have written the mayor and my representative but haven't heard back yet.
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    Actually residents of Arlington can have chickens

    Section 5.02 Keeping of Fowl
    A person commits an offense if he:
    A. Keeps or maintains more than four (4) fowl on one-half
    (1/2) acre or less or at a distance closer than fifty
    feet (50') from any habitation located on another's
    property; or
    ARTICLE V - 1
    (Amend Ord 02-109, 10/1/02) ANIMALS
    B. Keeps or maintains more than ten (10) fowl on more than
    one-half (1/2) acre but less than one (1) acre at a
    distance closer than fifty feet (50') from any
    habitation located on another's property.
    C. Keeps or maintains twenty-five (25) fowl or more on one
    (1) acre or more at a distance closer than fifty feet
    (50’) from any habitation located on another’s
    D. Fails to keep any fowl of the Order Anseriformes from
    being at large; or
    E. Fails to keep any fowl of the Order Galliformes
    contained within a coop or pen.
    F. Keeps or maintains roosters except in an area zoned as
    agricultural. (Amend Ord 02-109, 10/1/02)

    I have 12 Buff Orps lil more than I should and people all up and down my street do as well the #s have really increased the last couple of years... I am also considering doing a run of 25 Cornish Rock for 6-8 weeks to fill up a small freezer with some yummyness
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