Jun 11, 2017
Arlington, Texas
(1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens?
I had flocks in the 1970's-90's. Usually had from 25-200 at any given time. I had a rural horse boarding and training farm in the Brazos valley near Bryan-College Station on about 50 acres with two ponds. Kept several coops with fenced runs for layers, broilers, ducks, turkeys. Also had free-ranging waterfowl, peafowl, guineas, a few pheasant, dives and so on. And the usual horses, goats, feeder calves, couple milk cows, rabbits, etc. Have not had any stock of my own since then. Looking for other North Texas and especially DFW area folks.

(2) How many chickens do you have right now?
Coop and run are still under construction, as we got a late start on it. It's been a wet spring and I had several garden beds to finish building as well as about 2/3 acre to clear brush. We are planning on six to eight laying hens. We live in a quiet established neighborhood. No HOA (thank goodness!), but city ordinances limit us and prohibit roosters. I expect our chicks will be here this next week!

(3) What breeds do you have?
Probably will be choosing from Black Austrolorp, Easter Eggers, Delaware, Barred Rock, red or gold sex-linked, Gold Comet. HE (husband equivalent) thinks brown eggs taste better than white eggs. I just want hardy healthy thrifty stock suited to our conditions. And quiet as possible. And pretty, since I'll be the primary caretaker. I also will be likely to send the hens to freezer camp when they leave their egg laying rotation. These will not be pets. I mean it. Really, not pets.
(4) How did you find out about
Google search for current suburban chicken raising info.
(5) What are some of your other hobbies?
Gardening, online gaming, crafts, cooking, reading, sewing, pet rescues, living clean and green. I used to play and alpha/beta test MMORPGs, but am now in recovery from that. If you are a hardcore gamer, raider, or recovering one, you will understand my when I tell you my usual thumbnail profile pic is titled "Asleep at Keys, Again".
(6) Tell us about your family, your other pets, your occupation, or anything else you'd like to share.
In a long term relationship with my HE for almost 10 years. Retired from Nursing after about 30 years. Grad of Texas A&M University and a proud Aggie who bleeds maroon. All our children are grown, but one of HE's sons (we got together after each of us had already sent our offspring out into the world) came back a few years ago and hasn't left again yet. He is a big strong young man and helpful if asked and supervised, but not very experienced at anything other than video games. HE is squeamish. I do all the dirty gross bloody poopy icky stuff. We have two small dogs (down from 6 big & small dogs through losses due to old age) and 7 permanent cats (we've had more and less in residence as they age or we rescue and adopt out). I'm looking to add another big dog eventually, as I'm a big dog person and our last one recently passed. I like feeling prepared for emergencies and practice self sufficiency and self reliance as much as I can. We aren't "preppers" but we do try to maintain emergency supplies and consider the possibility that we might need to protect them and ourselves at some point in time.
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Welcome back to chickens! I grew up the same. Dad is an Aggie Veterinarian so we had critters everywhere; all we're around for fun, and some of those were around for us to eat. I really miss it. A few months ago we found a house where we can have a few layers and raise a few broilers now and then.

I love your term "HE." I have one of those too but didn't know what else's to call him so went with SO (sig other) and DH (dear husband). New to all this lingo. I think I'll use your term now ;-)

Post pics of your coop and chicks when you can. Hopefully mine will be done soon so they can have 24/7 shade from this heat. Oh Texas.
Hi Sally. I will post pics soonest. The heat and HE's sciatica are not helping us get everything perfectly ready, but we are still plugging along. We went to our local feed store yesterday and found only silver wyandottes in stock. Well, and a lot of guineas. Guess I'm ordering from Ideal. I like wyandottes just fine, but don't want ONLY one breed. And I do want some tinted eggs.

I might order about 25 mixed pullets and sell off my excess. I can get a really nice mix for less than $100 and sell them in a month or two for much more, no? Raising 25 chicks isn't appreciably harder than raising 6, given the space. I'll have to see what 2 month old pullets are going for now. I know many folks can't be bothered by raising chicks, or find the idea intimidating. HE didn't immediately nix the idea, so that's promising. He even seemed intrigued.

Glad you like my term of (mostly) endearment for him. You can be the first early adopter!

Gig 'em, Aggies!
Our local feed stores have quit carrying chicks here... which is a good thing... because it's so much easier to add a few fluffy chicks I don't need yet, when I go in for horse feed, and they're at my fingertips.

I also enjoy my mixed flock, the current status runs at:
2 black sexlinks, 1yr
1 golden sex link, 1yr
1 barred rock, 1yr
1 Egyptian Fayoumi, about 2.5 months
1 Kraienkoppe, 2.5months
1 New Hampshire, 2.5 months
1 White Crested Black Polish Roo-3months old.
He was a hand-me-down from my SIL, her pullets were tearing out his top hat; relieved to be away, he started to crow about a week after arrival.

Thankfully, Ideal Poultry is little less than an hour from my house, so I'll be ordering from them once the "big" coop is finished. I'll be ordering a few select pullets and filling the rest of my tab with a few broilers. My neighbor might go in on the order with me. You can definitely get an affordable fun mix of chicks and sell, give away, or eat what you or nobody else wants.

Nobody wants my useless Polish Roo... and I'de rather do it right and eat him myself than advertise a free-roo where someone might botch the job. So he is wearing a handmade no-crow collar, which helps but isn't perfect yet, so he can grow and we can see what we think of him as an adult. I'm sure if he knew his other option he would be happy.

Anyhow, enough rattling on from me :) It's just so hard to wait to order the new chicks.
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