Arlo, a new baby


9 Years
Mar 26, 2010
I have a sweet new baby, Arlo, who came to me from a Member in Florida. I hope he's not to jet lagged. He is badly spraddle-legged & his poor toesies are all twisted. He will be living at my friend's house (where I am staying) He has trouble walking but doesn't let it slow him down! He is a very pretty little rooster with goldish red feathers & 6 fingers on his crest. I tried to put some hobbles on his legs but he squalled like he was being killed. I have not put him down all day, & he's such a good natured little boy! He's eaten good, went to sleep in my arms, clicks his beak & actually makes a noise halfway between a purring cat & chirping. I think it means he is happy since he just sits in my arms , & his little eyes close, or roll back in relaxation. He ate a slug, met a rabbit & think he enjoyed lording it over the gang of cats that live here. Now he's hiding his face in my coat doing his purring noise. awwwww!!! he's so precious
aww! post some pictures some time!
he"s snoozing in my arms & giving an occasional peep! I dont know how to post pics, I'd have to mail them to someone who does. He has a stuffed duck in his basket to cuddle with, & the kid never stops eating!!!!!!!!!
I am t hinking some baby high top sneakers might help his poor legs since he hates the hobble. the vet says in order to straighten his toes they'd have to be broken & set & I refuse to cause the little guy pain

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