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Around the Corner, In the Woods~ A Dog RP~

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by Quinn4321, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Quinn4321

    Quinn4321 Songster

    Aug 28, 2010
    P.A/M.D border, USA
    Dog Pack~
    In a forest a pack of wild dogs live. Next to the forest is a town, full of pet dogs who are permitted to visit. However, these pets can never rank higher than the forest dogs. They may choose at any time to join the dogs in the forest.

    Alpha Male- Leader of pack, decision maker, he allows new dogs to join.

    Name: Eric
    Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
    Position: Alpha male
    Personality: Commanding and stern on first meeting, Eric is actually a kind and wise leader. However, he doesn’t stand for nonsense and disloyalty.
    Appearance: A deep burnt orange- orange brown coat of short, thick fur covers his large, muscly build. He is strong and tall, with a rather pointed snout and brown eyes. His tail is slightly fluffy.
    History: Eric took over the pack after his father died.
    Family: Little sister, Bella.
    BYC username: Quinn4321

    Alpha She-Dog- Mate of the Alpha male. Guides pack, is leader, accepts new dogs.

    Position:Lead Female
    Personality:She is Sweet, Cunning, Loving, Brave, Assertive, Bold, and a Great Leader.
    Appearance:She has a white soft belly, with a beigish orange back. She has Blue eyes and is very feminine and attractive to any Male dog. She is very slender and petite and is long-legged. She has a blackish pink nose(Unusual) and has long ears. Her teeth are like thorns and she has large claws. She has a fluffy long curled tail.
    History:She has been the Lead Female in this pack since she was about a pup. She has always been kind and Brave but has learned more of her other personality traits over time since she ahs been leading this Pack too.
    BYC username:pekinduck<3er

    Omega She-dog- Suppports and helps Alphas. Must be very loyal. If dishonesty is seen she must change to a hunter/warrior position. Other Omega must be her mate.
    Name: Kanti
    Breed: Greyhound
    Position: Omega she-dog
    Personality: Very shy, afraid of anyone who she hasn't met before. Very loyal when it comes to being around her leaders, however.
    Appearance: Has the classic Greyhound silhouette. Her coat is a white with several dapples down by her lower legs and spread across other random spots on her body. Several spots of dark blue-grey can be found in large blotches across her body, and on a portion of her pointed head.
    History: Kanti was used as a racing Greyhound, and a very good one at that. When she was going up against a very high-leveled competition she lost and her owner soon became unsatisfied, getting ready to have her put down because of her low score that would not earn any money. As fast as she was, she escaped from her owner's house when he opened the door with her leash and raced away at high speeds, eventually seeking refuge at the pack.
    Family: None, aside from the Omega he-dog.
    BYC username: Zinnia-Hen

    Omega He-dog- Suppports and helps Alphas. Must be very loyal. If dishonesty is seen he must change to a hunter/warrior position. Other Omega must be his mate.

    Name: Bernard
    Breed: Azawakh
    Position: Omega Male
    Personality: Bull-headed, and serious. But very loving towards his mate.
    Appearance: His coat is a rich chestnut, and has a shiny luster to it. He has a patch of white on his chest, on the tip of his tail, and on his feet.
    History: N/A
    Family: Nobody except his mate.
    BYC username: chickendiva25
    ( pic didnt copy [​IMG])

    Search Dog- Searches for lost dogs, hunts traitors, invites dogs to camp, etc. Esteemed postion, however not allowed to have a mate. May be male or female.

    Name: Charlotte
    Breed: Siberian Husky
    Position: SearchDog
    Personality: Ann is extremely courageous, and brave. Which is why she was chosen for search dog. When meeting new dogs she is not afraid or nervous. Although she loves the pups, and has an extremely playful side when around any.
    Appearance: Charlotte is fairly tall, and is boxy. Her base coat is white with the tips of her fur being a bright red in color. Charlottes nose is a soft brown, her eyes stand out against her colors being a soft hue of blue.
    History: Charlotte has lived in the pack for all her life. She was raised by a random pup mother because tragically her mother and siblings died. She grew up being the leader of the group of puppies she grew up with. And always lead the other puppies on 'scavenger hunts'. So when she grew up, she was appointed as search dog, and has thrived in that position since she was a young pup. She loves her job though she wishes she could have a mate.
    BYC username:DuckLover2399

    Hunters/ Warriors

    Hunters for and protect the pack. They are expected to help care for Queens and Pups, and their superiors.

    Lead Hunter/ Warrior- Must be in pack, leads the warriors and hunters and helps organize them.

    Name: Lúfar
    Breed: Labrador
    Position: Head Hunter/Warrior
    Personality: Very loyal, tolerant, and happy. Like any other lab, she has hunting skills that are far superior to any other dog in the pack.
    Appearance: Dark chocolate lab, so much that she becomes one with the woods when she runs. Average size, underestimated strength.
    History: Has grown up in the pack. Worked very hard at hunting since she was a pup just for her position.
    Family: Err... The pack? No mate, siblings have gone astray, parents passed away.
    BYC username: equinehugger3

    Other Hunters/Warriors

    Name: Bella
    Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback and Gold lab cross.
    Position: Hunter/Warrior
    Personality:.Sweet and kind most of the time, Bella can have an attitude sometimes. She is also fiercely loyal to the pack and will do anything to protect it.
    Appearance: Slimmer and smaller than her brother, Bella is feminine and small boned. Her coat is a bit longer and fluffier, and is a light orange- blonde coloring. Her ears are especially dark, and one stands erect whilst the other is flopped over. Sweet dark eyes peer out of her cute face.
    History: She shares a father with Eric, but not a mother.
    Family: Big brother, Eric.
    BYC username: Quinn4321

    Name: Taquo
    Breed: Scottish Terrier
    Position: Warrior/ Hunter
    Personality: A fierce hunter, he is cute and sweet but can be standoff-ish. He can also be incredibly stubborn, one of the traits of his breed.
    Appearance: A handsome black brindled boy, his square snout, eyebrows and fluffy ears attract all eyes. He is very muscular underneath his coat, and can run incredibly fast for short distances or move for many miles at a steady trot.
    History: Abandoned as a 8 month old puppy, he escaped the shelter and joined the pack in the forest, becoming loyal to it.
    BYC username: Quinn4321

    Personality:Tough, Fierce, Cunning, and Brave.
    Appearance:He is a Dark Gray color and has Chestnut Eyes. He has a Claw mark down his left eye, yet it still works, but barely. He is very young but is very strong and brutal to enemys. He is VERY muscular and is one of the strongest dogs in the pack.
    History:He used to live in a junk-yard until Baby saved him, when she was on the streets wondering. He owes alot of debt to her, and is very loyal to her.
    Family:They all died.
    BYC username:pekinduck<3er

    Name: Pharaoh
    Breed: Saluki
    Position: Warrior
    Personality: Prideful, arrogant on occasion and strong willed. Often aloof, he is sensitive to other dogs' emotions.
    Appearance: Pearly white and peachy sand, his coat is silky and flowing. He is large, long and lithe with feathered, legs, ears and tail.
    History: Came from a family nearby, a single business woman and her two kids. Neither of the children liked the dog, which their mother had bought spur of the moment from some breeder miles away, and he did not like them. Long story short, he broke free and ended up here
    Family: N/A
    BYC username: Gerbil

    Name: Ziba
    Breed: Afghan hound (Black-and-tan)
    Position: Warrior
    Personality: Shy at first, but charmingly sweet once she’s familiar with you. She is placid, and usually in a state of quiet contentment.
    Appearance: Regal and elegant in stature with a refined, slender figure, graced with long legs that aid her in swift, lithe movement. Her hair is elongate and flowing, and she is black with cream underparts. Her paws are shrouded by thick ‘boots’ of fur, which gives her more casual gaits a ‘gliding’ effect.
    History: Her mother fell in love with an outsider from her pack, and her pregnancy came as a surprise. Ziba had a rough beginning to life, because her father was a loner not trusted among the pack, and if they’d found out that he’d sired a pup from her they would be outraged. Ziba would stay with her father, often not seeing her mother for days at a time. The alpha male found out about the scandal from a member that caught Ziba’s mother visiting her husband, and he was banished. Young and foolish at that time, she felt betrayed by her parents, and left one evening when she tired of snide remarks being made behind her back about her heritage. She has managed to create a new life for herself in the dog pack she resides in today.
    Family: None other than her parents. She would probably be open to a mate.
    BYC username: BirdNut

    Name: Tux
    Breed: Karelian Bear dog
    Position: Warrior
    Personality: Bold and sometimes brash. He's very esteemed, but still within reason. A clever fighter that utilizes satire and taunting well, paired with swift reflexes. He likes to be taken seriously and will gladly correct you, should you have a problem with that.
    Appearance: A starkly contrasted black-on-white coloration that is very uniform, on a well-built body. His tail is curled in a perfect crescent, draping over his croup and ending in a white tip.
    History: Tux has a fairly monotonous history. His owners failed to give him the stimulation he required and he simply dug his way out. He has long been a feral dog, and was well known among his neighboorhood for a period of time. He wandered his way into the woods and caught scent of the dog pack, but his foot was caught in a bear trap along the way. Bitsie freed him and together, they found the pack.
    Family: None, but he'd probably be open to a mate.
    BYC username: BirdNut

    Medicine Dog-
    Takes care of the other dogs. Cannot have a mate. Must be in pack.

    Name: Mu Shui
    Breed: Crested Chinese
    Position: Medicine dog
    Personality: Crabby, old and wise. She knows what she is doing, and does it well; although her bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired at times.
    Appearance: Heavily speckled with dark grey, her pink skin is exposed and mostly hairless. She has furred feet and puff on her head and tail.
    History: Mu was dumped at a vet's office for a weekend and her owners never came to reclaim her. The vet was stationed way out in the middle of cattle country and fields; where there was little luck of anyone wanting such a needful little puppy. Several months passed and she was adopted by the vet and his daughter; instantly becoming the office mascot. They lived happily there for the majority of her days; that was until the vet grew ill and his daughter moved away. She was left again, alone and heading towards another shelter. On the trip, the caregiver (who was taking her to the pound) pulled over and stopped for gas; leaving the window wide open. She made a leap for it, escaped and made here.
    Family: N/A
    BYC username: Gerbil

    Queens- Queens have pups and care for them. Their mate is usually a warrior/hunter. Omega and Alpha she-dogs temporarily move to the Queen den when having pups.

    Name: Zoe
    Breed: WestHighLandWhiteTerrier
    Position: Pup Mother
    Personality: Zoe is quite brave for her small size, and will stand up to anything wanting to harm the pack or her pups. Although she can be very happy and funny loving. Zoe is also quite stubborn.
    Appearance: Zoe's coat is a pure white, that gets dirty with even a slight amount of dirt. Her nose is cold, wet and black. Her eyes are the same endless pools of blackness.
    History: When Zoe was a young pup she was thrown onto the streets by a snotty little girl who had grown tired of her having accidents in the house. Zoe saddened and not knowing she had done something wrong, ran into the deep woods behind the girls house. She kept running until she was completely exaughsted, she collapsed at the border of the pack. She slept for at the least a day, and when she awoke she wandered in. Uknowningly Into the pack where she was confronted by Eric. Zoe was easily accepted by him and has been a pup mother in the pack since.
    BYC username:DuckLover2399

    Name: Zinta
    Breed: Whippet
    Position: Queen
    Personality: shy, quiet and very submissive, she is not a good warrior or hunter. She has never had pups but is a queen because she has nothing else to do. She does not have a mate, but if a he-dog demands she has her pups she will allow him to breed with her. She also does anything she is ordered, and will hunt and care for others.
    Appearance: Medium height, long and lean, light, tall, gray and white with a pointed nose. Light blue/gray eyes.
    History: Abused before, Eric rescued her.
    BYC username: Quinn4321

    Pups- Pups live in the Queen den with their mothers until they are six moons old. Then they begin to learn their positions.

    Name: Red
    Breed: Golden Retriever
    Position: Pup
    Personality: Sweet and loving, he cuddles up to anyone he meets.
    Appearance: He is a deep gold coloring all over, with long fur and droopy ears. At the moment he is in a gawky stage, but is sure to be a handsome pup once grown.
    History: He was abandoned at the pack with two other pups, who didn’t survive.
    BYC username: Quinn4321

    Name: Ann
    Breed:RedBone CoonHound
    Position: Pup/Hunter
    Personality: Ann is quite the defiant girl. Slipping away when ever she can, despite her pup mother and the others. Though she is quite playful when she is around other pups. Loves to hunt.
    Appearance: She is a solid red/brown, and small for her age. Ann's nose is a soft brown color, not the usual black. Her eyes are a deep chestnut in color. When Ann is grown she will be fairly tall and sleek like a greyhound.
    History: There isn't much to say about a 4 month old pup
    BYC username: DuckLover2399

    :pCan't decide what I want her too look like but here is her form
    Name: Genie
    Breed: PitBull
    Position: Pup
    Personality: Genie is a laid-back kinda pup. She won't argue with most people, unless they get her angry or try to hurt her. Genie can be quite active and playful at times, she likes to protect others around her. Not letting anyone take advantage of the old or weak.
    History: Genie was a daughter to an abandoned PitBull, that used to be part of a dog fighting ring. When her mother escaped she was pregnant with Genie and her siblings. Genies mother lived in the back streets until it was time for her to have her pups, she escaped to the woods and had Genie and her siblings. Genie, was the last to be born of seven healthy pups. Genie though was the smallest. When her mother deemed the area they were living at unsafe she announced that they would move. Genie made it as far as she could but her body was so much smaller then her brothers and sisters that she collapsed from exhaustion. She was left behind by her family. She was found by Charlotte and taken to the queens, she was raised by a random pup mother and lived in the pack ever since.
    BYC username:DuckLover2399

    Town Dogs- Help out with hunting, den cleaning, defending, help medicine dog collect herbs, etc.

    Name: Bubble
    Breed: Medium size Poodle
    Position: Town Dog
    Personality:.She is stuck up, very sugary sweet and a complete flirt. She doesn’t like working and doesn’t care much about the welfare of the pack.
    Appearance: Fluffy and soft white, there is always a bow in her hair and her coat perfectly groomed. Black eyes peer out of a fluffy white face accented in black..
    History: Born in a breeders, bought by a millionaire, she has whatever she needs.
    Family: None.
    BYC username: Quinn4321

    Position:Town Dog
    Personality:Tough, Brutal, Loyal to Baby, and is very strong-willed.
    Appearance:He is very Big and is strong and agile, And he is long legged. He is Baby's brother, yet she does not know. He has Emerald Eyes and ahs a black wet nose(Usual). He had big ears and has a long snout. His body is Muscular and Big. His tail droops instead of curling.
    History:He has always lived with his two-legs.
    Family: Baby
    BYC Username:pekinduck<3er

    Name: Bitsie
    Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi (Blue merle)
    Position: Town Dog
    Personality: Outgoing and social, high-spirited and happy-go-lucky. Too smart for her own good; has her own ideas of how things should be done, and sometimes gets into trouble for her 'help', but it's hard to be angry with her when you realize she means well. Good-natured, puts others as a priority before herself.
    Appearance: Steel blue with assymetrical mottling of black, white underparts, socks, and a white 'collared' neck. Her face is expressive, with bright, bi-colored eyes, and a mouth usually plastered with a smile.
    History: Was the loyal herding dog for an elderly couple in a rural community. After the husband passed on, the woman was left alone, and she herself passed on months later of a heart attack. Bitsie was left outside at the time, oblivious to the event. She waited for days, not daring to stray away from the property. The woman's death went unnoticed for a long time and Bitsie had noone to take her in, so she left, lonely, hungry, and thirsty, into the nearby woods. She lived alone as a feral dog until she - literally - ran into Tux one day, who had his foot stuck in a well concealed bear trap. She helped free him and they found the dog pack together.
    Family: None, but she'd probably be open to a mate.
    BYC username: BirdNut

    The retired dogs, live out their days being cared for.

    Personality:Calm, Wise, and Cunning.
    Appearance:She has white tinged around her muzzle and broad face. HShe has unusal purple eyes, and once was evry beautiful. She is a Tri-Colored Corgi and is very old.
    History:She used to be a very Beautiful Queen but turned old and is now a aging elder now.
    Family:She had many children who have moved away.
    BYC username:pekinduck<3er
    Live outside the pack by themselves in the woods.

    Name: Reecon
    Breed: German Shepard
    Position: Outcast (Can I be one? Please please please? If not, I'll be a warrior)
    Personality: Aggressive, and usually very irratible.
    Appearance: Normal, excepting a single deformation in his left paw, that allows him to retract that paw's claws.
    History: Born to Skee and Reen, two very differnt dogs.
    Family: Skee, Reen, and his one brother, Rain.
    BYC username:SuperChickenDude37

    Any positions not wanted will be free to grab. However, please post if you don’t want a position so someone else can use it.




    Character Skeleton-
    BYC username:

    * All BYC rules apply.

    * No hard core cussing.

    * Keep real arguing/personal problems out of this. I don’t want this thread shut down.

    * Be realistic when Fighting. Only one attack per post, and be sure to make your character feel any injuries attained.

    * Keep it PG-13, although I am sure you know I am pretty relaxed. However, If it is really bad I will require you to edit it out and you may be temporarily suspended.

    Front page to be finished soon...
    Have Fun!
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  2. Quinn4321

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    Aug 28, 2010
    P.A/M.D border, USA
    (Owned by HollyBird24)
    The Apache Pack:
    The Apache Pack is a pack made up entirely of wolfdogs, with the exception of a few pure dogs which are only allowed to be mothers or servants to the wolfdogs. They are at the lowerest level of the pack, even below the pups. They are not allowed to fight or hunt alongside the wolfdogs. The rest of the pack operates much the same as a normal pack would. Their territory consists of a forest which borders an open praire grassland. The Dog Pack is to the south of them.

    Alpha Male:
    Rowen- A russet colored he-wolfdog with sharp yellow eyes and a massive, broad head. He has well muscled shoulders, making him look even larger then he actually is. He is a strong leader who places a lot of trust in his deputy, Camille. During confrontation he can be aggressive and sometimes stubborn but he always has the best interests on his pack in mind. (HollyBird24)

    Alpha Female:
    Camille- A dark grey she-wolfdog with black streaks around her face and down her back. She has piercing amber eyes and thick fur which helps protect her from the cold winters aswell as her skin against enemy claws during an attack. Despite her thick fur, she has many battle scars showing that she is no stranger to the hard, demanding life of a wolf-dog. Rowen has a great amount of trust in her she she has proven herself time and time again to be a worthy deputy. (HollyBird24)

    Medicine Wolfdog:
    Talida- A show white she wolfdog with gentle blue eyes. She is unusually kind and gentle compared to the rest of the pack and knew from a young age that battling and hunting was not for her. Just by looking at her she appears dainty and delicate but she will fiercly defend her patients aswell as her pack. Since she is young, she has no apprentice and has no thoughts of training one as of right now. (HollyBird24)

    Hendrick- A large, stout he-wolfdog with massive jaws that have the strength to crush bone and large, almost clumbsy paws. He is a good fighter under the right circumstances but relies purely on brute strength as opposed to speed and agility. (HollyBird24)

    Rayne- A jet black she-wolfdog with sharp features and a well defined face. She is the opposide to Hendrick, smaller and more slender but quick on her feet and very agile. She is irritable and quick to snap, her packmates know to give her, her space when she is in a rotten mood. (HollyBird24)

    Demitri- A slender, dark grey he-wolfdog with a tuft of fur sticking up from each ear. He is a shady charactor who trusts nobody besides Rowen and Camille. He is a strange wolf-dog, one minute he can be friendly and kind, the next he is a fox hearted murderer. Some of his packmates call him insane because of this and he has very few friends. (HollyBird24)

    April- A golden colored she-wolfdog with pale green eyes and floppy ears. She closely resembles a Golden Retriver because her wolf genes are burried far back in her past. Rowen almost didn't let her into the pack but she proved herself an excellent swimmer, sometimes most wolfdogs are not. She is also a good actor, able to make herself appear vulnerable in order to gain access to enemy camps. (HollyBird24)

    Brook- A dark brown and black she-wolfdog who seems to have enough energy to fuel the entire pack at times. She has good intentions but often jumps into things without thinking which has gotten her into trouble more the a few times. (HollyBird24)

    January- A quite and reserved he-wolfdog with beigh, brown and white fur. He keeps everything to himself and rarely speaks out. Some think he isn't very smart because of this, but he actually listens to everything and knows quite a bit about whats going on for his age. (HollyBird24)

    Panda- One of the few dogs in the pack who has no wolf blood in her. She is purely a dog, hense the pet name she was given by her twolegs. Rowen only took her in as a mother, she is not allowed to hunt or fight and is treated as a lesser being then the rest of the pack. (HollyBird24)

    Alaric- A light hazel colored he-wolfdog with one white paw and a white ring around one eye. (HollyBird24)

    Jenny- A carefree young she-wolfdog with bright green eyes and short grey and black fur. She's always talking about something is often gets in the way of the older wolves in the pack. (HollyBird24)

    Carrot- A shy Artois Hound who was abandoned by his twolegs when they moved. He wandered around alone for several weeks before he was found by Rowen, starving in a field. He readily joined the pack for food, even though it meant serving them for the rest of his life. (HollyBird24)
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Pfft! I can't have a mate! [​IMG] I have no clue why I found that funny! But Ill be search dog! *puts hands on hips like superwomen*
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    Aug 28, 2010
    P.A/M.D border, USA
    Eric walked around his camp, watching over it while Bella hunted a rabbit in the woods. Red sqeaked happily as Taquo treated him to a game of Tug-a-war.

    Bubble lay on her king-sized bed in the town.
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    Aug 28, 2010
    P.A/M.D border, USA
    Quote:Yay! [​IMG] sorry about that. You can have a warrior/hunter that can have a mate.
  6. Character Skeleton-
    Position:Lead Female
    Personality:She is Sweet, Cunning, Loving, Brave, Assertive, Bold, and a Great Leader.
    Appearance:She has a white soft belly, with a beigish orange back. She has Blue eyes and is very feminine and attractive to any Male dog. She is very slender and petite and is long-legged. She has a blackish pink nose(Unusual) and has long ears. Her teeth are like thorns and she has large claws that unseathe and seathe easily. She has a fluffy long curled tail.
    History:She has been the Lead Female in this pack since she was about a pup. She has always been kind and Brave but has learned more of her other personality traits over time since she ahs been leading this Pack too.
    BYC username:pekinduck<3er
  7. Baby

  8. DuckLover2399

    DuckLover2399 Avian American

    Jun 7, 2011
    Charlotte - The Search Dog.
    Adult Form:
    Zoe - Pup Mother
    Adult Form:
    Ann - The Warrior/Hunter
    Pup Form:
    Adult Form:
    Genie (She is pup at the moment) - The Warrior/Hunter
    Pup Form:
    Adult Form:
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  9. DuckLover2399

    DuckLover2399 Avian American

    Jun 7, 2011
  10. Quinn4321

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    Aug 28, 2010
    P.A/M.D border, USA
    As a reminder, I am sure you all know, but please be sure to PM me all forms. I might miss them if they are only posted in the thread.

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