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9 Years
May 14, 2011
I have one Buff Orpington and one Black Australorp both are supposed to be hens. They are approximately 3-4 months old, sorry, I did not note the day I got them but am thinking at least 3.5 months. The Buff Orpington has the most noticeable symptoms which are: The comb has started to come up but after 1.5 to 2 weeks, has stopped developing at all, same with the black. All facial areas, around the eyes, beak and ears is red, very red. Both are eating good and do not seem to feel bad tho the Buff sometimes seems tired or confused but is hard to tell for sure. Wish I could ask them where it hurts! Trying to attach a picture. If anyone can tell me what to do for this I would be very happy! I do not want my girls to suffer.
Thanks for the suggestions!.
Can you tell us what all they eat plus brand of pellet? Any swelling or other symptoms? How does their poo look? Have you checked them over for mites/lice? Do they ever scratch at their face? Can you get some better pics, different views? It may be nothing at all, but from the pic you posted - I just don't know. Maybe with better pics someone can get a better idea of what is going on.
They eat the recommended feed store food, nothing different or unusual plus they dig at everything in my garden and in the yard. They particularly enjoy digging up onions and potatoes but have destroyed peaches and garlic as well. I will do my best to get other pictures. They are not friendly, not sure how everyone gets these friendly birds! I held them when they were little and tried to keep them friendly but they fought me all the way and now they run when I come out. As far as I can tell poo is normal, have seen nothing unusual. I will see what I can do to get more pictures - the only links I see to anything like this suggested hormones might be an issue. They like to sit in the wisteria plant and in the asparagus bed, could they be allergic to either of those?
Again, will get more pictures. Thanks for the help!
There's a possibility that you are reading too much into it. Different birds mature at different rates, and same breed birds mature at different rates. I would not worry about it. Any grower feed is fine for them. Plus some veggies or fruit.
You said something about pellets? The should be on starter/grower until they lay eggs
Orps are very friendly, I think my chickens get friendly when they start laying. A few little pieces of bread helps too, but only from your hand!
I see no swellings anywhere - got more pics but she only shows me the one side. I will try to hand feed them - they enjoy freshly shelled green peas so maybe I can get them to eat those out of my hand, thanks for the ideas. I thought about the different breed thing but would the orp and the lorp mature at exactly the same rate? They have a grower/starter food, pellets are out but only for my NE Red and she is full grown and laying beautiful brown eggs. I was ok with the slow maturing until the redness showed up and then I thought something might be wrong. The thought actually crossed my mind, ingrown combs & wattles?!! Yeah, I know, I am probably worrying too much but I want to make sure. I'd hate to lose one to something I could easily remedy, ya know?
Sorry for the bad pics. I have to get them while they are perched or they just won't stay still long enough to get a picture of anything but the back of their heads!
Thanks again for the suggestions.
It's possibly a toxic reaction like an irritation. You mentioned Wisteria. I've heard that is poisonous, but not sure how toxic. All I could find is that the seeds are toxic, but I do know when leaves are disturbed or cut it exudes a somewhat sticky substance and that could be irritating. I used to have it growing and tired of the effort to control it so I took it out. Or, it might be another plant you have growing. Something to think about anyway.
Thanks! The wisteria was here when I got here and is huge - it is not removeable but I try to keep it cut back. I will renew my efforts. I am working on containing them in a different area so will also work on making sure they do not have access to it.
Thanks again for the info, I searched but apparently in the wrong places
OK, I had no idea the asparagus could do that! I had RI Reds that seemed to be ok with it but it could be that their coloring made it hard to see. The asparagus is in the same general area as the wisteria so I am hoping to take the extra day this weekend and finish their confinement to another area of the yard where they won't have access to either plant and I will use the link to get more info. I really appreciate the information and the effort to help. I will completely change the subject and ask if there is a plant that will mimic the "mini-forest" effect of the asparagus. They get in there and dig around and settle in and I am sure they feel safe there with a canopy of green fronds over their heads and the trunks of the aspsaragus far enough apart for them to be comfy. I need something in their new area to mimic that, hopefully something non-toxic!! And non-invasive, the wisteria has taught me to avoid the non-natives. I will also ask at the garden center tho they tend not to know very much about chickens! Thanks again, this novice is very appreciative of the support from this community!

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