??Arsenic in chicken feed??

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by BirdBrain, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. BirdBrain

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    May 7, 2007
    I just ordered 50 cornish cross chickens to raise for meat. I want to feed them the best way possible to illiminate the "yucky stuff". In my research on the net I came across this paragraph. The whole arsenicals thing through me for a loop. You mean our chickens are eating arsenic? What is the deal and does anyone know of a readily available broiler feed that doesn't have all these nasties?

    The most convenient way of feeding chickens is with a balanced pelleted ration, whether the birds are confined indoors or allowed to range outdoors. Most diets contain corn for energy, soybean meal for protein, and vitamin and mineral supplements. Commercial rations often contain antibiotics and arsenicals to promote health and improve growth, coccidiostats for combating coccidiosis, and sometimes mold inhibitors. However, it is possible to obtain unmedicated feed-check feed labels to see if they contain feed additives.

    THis came from http://www.thepoultrysite.com/articles/94/feeding-chickens-for-best-health-and-performance
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    Feb 2, 2008
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    Since you are in Texas you might want to explore the link below, hopefully to put your mind at ease. I'm not sure if you have access to these feeds in your area. I use them because it is the best available to me in my area.

  3. BirdBrain

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    May 7, 2007
    Thanks SO much!! I called and talked to their rep about what went into this feed and am satisfied with the answers. There is a feed store not far away that has it and I will get some today. Again, Thanks alot!!
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    Jan 3, 2008
    I saw this on a sponser page Shop the Coop
    It says that arsenic is a common ingredient in chicken feed.
    This is the kind of stuff I wanted to avoid. [​IMG]
    Does anyone know suppliers of no-arsenic feed?
  5. BirdBrain

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    May 7, 2007
    If I were you, I would call Purina and see what they have to say about their feeds. My feed store owner says he uses a couple of Purina products--one for broilers...I think it was called Show Chow Broiler FSB...and one for layers (don't recall the name) that don't have antibiotics. He said they also make some that have no animal bi-products in them. I would ask to speak to someone who is knowledgeable about the ingredients and go from there. I point blank asked the Lonestar (actually 2 different people) rep if there was antibiotics and arsenic in their feeds. They told me that the Broiler feed did have Amprolium (ABX) but that the Game Bird Feed (28% protein) did not and that NONE of their feed had arsenic. It relieved my mind. They also both told me that if I was doing broilers this early in the year to start them on Game bird and see how they do and that I could probably go the whole way with them. They also told me (since these birds were not for show, but for the freezer) to consider butchering them around a live weight of 5-5.5 pounds as their meat would be more tender. They said that after that point their meat quality tends to go down--as in get a bit stringy--if left to get to 7 or 8 pounds.
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    Purina makes a feed called Flock Raiser in their "Sun Fresh" line of products that can be fed to broilers from hatch to butchering. It has no meds or animal by products. (I believe there is some controversy of whether an all-veg diet is good for the broilers as they are not vegetarians).

    I have not used it but am thinking about it for some (potential) broilers I may raise. It seemed like an acceptable balance between the medicated feed and the expensive commercial, organic feeds I was looking into. Purina can email you the ingredient list if you request.


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