Art for sale- Deer and Chicken


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14 Years
Feb 8, 2007
I have two framed and matted art pieces for sale, both original, no others out there. Need the money as I have not been working and DH is on the verge of lay off as well.

First is an acrylic painting of a deer I did several years ago. It is framed and matted, frame size is 18"x22" Am wanting $60 for it, shipping is extra.


The other is a black and white pencil drawing in a Dutch bantam. I did this for the APA art competition and it won 1st in the adult division. It was specially framed and double matted, picture is approx 9x12" and the frame dark chocolate color is approx 17"x21". Edges of frame getting a bit beat up but still nice. Plexiglass instead of real as that was the APA requirements. I would like $40 for it- shipping extra.

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