Artemisia/Black Walnut for deworming?

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    We recently adopted a black lab/boxer mix (Leila), and it turns out she has heartworms. Her case is advanced, so we started her treatment with doxycycline antibiotic and Heartguard. This route, however, resulted in a pulmonary embolism that nearly killed her (a total nightmare, terrifying). She's been switched to prednisone and a different antibiotic, and doing better. However, we really don't want to return to the vet's approach, so after much research we're going to try the holistic treatment method for heartworms, which is comprised of supplements of artemisia (wormwood) and black walnut, both of which are antiparasitics. I was wondering if anyone uses either of these to naturally deworm chickens? If they work to get rid of Leila's heartworms, we'll be putting both our dogs on them as a preventative, especially since there is new evidence Heartguard no longer works (Google Heartguard lawsuit and Heartguard Plus coverup), and it would be convenient to use with the chickens as a natural alternative. TIA!
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    Good luck.... sorry you are having to deal with heartworms... I have worked with many vets and that is always hard to treat.

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